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day 2 and im miserable

i had the choc mint shake for brekkie it was VILE

i actually hate ALL the shakes you mix yourself and im slowly getting sick of the tetras, so im gonna go swap some for soups yum!!

ive been eating 50g of quorn a day as i know if i have nothing at all i will binge and it gives me something to look forward to

the choc tetra is also vile frozen eww best as a shake me thinks

im feeling very sorry for myself though while the mr is eating salmon roasted with sweet potatoes drooooooooolll

so keep me on the straight and narrow!!!

roll on next week when i can have bars!
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HI Chuckie I'm not a fan of the shakes i make myself so i get the strawberry and fruits of the forrest flavours and make them with summer berry water and add a few sweetners it tastes so much better lol HTH


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Gosh! Now, now chuckie, you have got to get your head round this. Zone OUT of your husband''s food. You are on your own very exciting journey to slimdom. You have to see yourself thin. You can definately do this, so many of us have so whenever you feel as if you are wavering hop on board the forum for all the support you will need.

Can you stay in ketosis ( when u get there) with the Quorn? I don't know if you can, If you can't though you will struggle with hunger. Hopefully someone will come along soon to let you know.

xx and keep at it!


Striving to be good.....
I have only been doing this for a little over a week and I must say that I have really loved some of the flavours that I have had. Toffee and Walnut is (IMO) to die for! Also Oriental Chilli - I have had that every day and love it! Fruits of the forest - yummy... have you tried any of these? I really didn't like the chocolate shake - just not for me.
Losing weight isn't easy. My first weigh in was on saturday and i was delighted to lose 9lbs so DONT give up hope. When your OH is eating, go for a walk around the block or clean the fridge (not my best suggestion!) you know what i mean..... :eek:)
I messed up bigtime today, but the support on here is amazing - Im gonna start again tomorrow as if today didn't happen.
If we do it the CD way, we will do it quicker than any other diet. And hell - whats a couple of months out of a lifetime eh?
Keep your chin up..... when you feel the demons calling, come online!
All the best... you CAN do it.
Lots of love, lots of luck

Michelle x


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S: 14st5lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st12lb(5.97%)
Mellie? Do you mean you started 2007...or 2008?
oh i wouldnt dream of giving up, and im not actually hungry

i have tried to do it without having that little bit of quorn and everytime ive failed, my cdc said he is happy for me to do this but if im still not in ketosis in 5 or so days i should stop until i am

im looking forward to swapping my shakes for soups, i actually really like the soups and im really looking forward to having the bars!

on the plus side ive lost 4lbs already!

ive set myself a goal to at least get to my lowest weight of 15st and if i still hate it i can go bk to weightwatchers, but i know once i see the weight dropping ill go the distance

im just finding it hard to watch people eat at the moment, and i have a week off work so i gotta keep occupied!


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It gets better and you won't be as worried about the shakes when you've lost 5lbs in a week! Erm on day 2, there are still a few flavours to try (unless you opened and tried all of them - which I wanted to do when I started!) it's just a case of trying them until you find some you like. Interestingly I found there was little match between the flavours I thought I'd like and the ones I did like. Thought I'd hate toffee and walnut but loved it.

Also, might be worth adding them to coffee or going for the shakes.

I hope that this picks up for you and you find something you like. Hang on, it is worth it.
hi Chuckie!
i had same problem last week on my 4th day. i had to go food shopping and could of cried in the pickle isle..
then sunday lunch at home was a killer, but now its easier and altho i still wanna eat something i know i can't. i come here for inspiration.
i have lost 3 stone with slimming world and it took me 2 years
so chin up and think of the summer, we know you can do it
thats katherine!

its only gonna be like 4 or 5 months out of my life and ill be slim for summer!
Hi Chuckie
I love chocolate milkshakes, but CD made up like this are horrible, I mix mine in a bowl with a little water and have them like a mousse making sure I drink additional water to make up what's not going in the pack, also if you make it up like this whack it in the microwave for about a minute (700-800w microwaves), makes a muffin with squidgy stuff in the middle (toffee & walnut is great this way), but limit these to 1 a day max, because of the nutrients.

My breakfast is the choc tetra split over 2-3 coffees, they make lovely mochas.

Experiment with them, I hate soup so have the opposite probelm to you, but I am going to give 1 of each soup a go this week, hopefully I'll like on of them, as I miss savoury food - hence scrambled egg for lunch today :sigh:
I'm on day 4 and struggling.....no reason other than I WANT to eat!!:argh:

I did LL before Christmas and was very limited as to what shakes/soups I liked but with CD I am enoying more.

My CDC sold me a bagful of all the flavours for week 1, so that I could decide what I liked. I LOVED the choc & mint....had that in the evening on Day 1. Also the cappachino was yummy.

I prefer the shakes to the soups so far, only enjoying tomato so far.

When I make the shakes I use some cold water with tons of ice and use my stick blender to crush it. I only like the shakes cold, made in this way. But I use the stick blender for the soups too.

I had the choc/orange shake a while ago and hated it's strange after taste, so tipped it down the sink. Had the banana tetra instead and didn't like that very much either.

I don't know about anyone else but I have my 'meals' at strange times....my 1st isn't until 11.30-12.30, 2nd at 6pm ish and 3rd around 9-10pm. I obviously drink water and black tea throughout the day. I hated black tea when I started LL last October, but when I stopped diet at Christmas I hated it with milk in, so I drink it black all the time now.:confused:

i love cappachino in tall cuo hot for my breakfast it takes ages to drink. i like the tetras but they go too quick,
as for soup i didn't like the tomato but i made it up wrong doh !!
is it ok to have a bar each lunch time ?
they are yummy too. but only got 2 this week:cool:


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Stick with it hunny, it does get easier, but you need to find something to occupy your time, you will probably find that most SSers have very clean houses and lovely nails!!

I don't like most of the shakes either, so I tend to have a chocolate tetra (but I add mine to coffee) so I can have them white, makes about 5.. then when I get in from work I have a bar then have a vegetable soup at 9pm (once you've made it leave it about 5 mins for the veg to re-hydrate), I always mix mine into a paste with a bit of cold water first, seems to mix better...

You will find something to suit you and get into a routine!! and drink lots of water...

i actually feel really good now

i wrote down all my cravings and realise that right now im not craving anything! cravings only last about 10 mins and i dont have to give into em all the time!

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