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Day 2 and Ketosis??

Hi Everyone

Im almost over my Day 2 and its not been to bad, been a hard day for me as doing the food shopping for the family and so wanting a Jam Doughnut in Tescos then cooking a lovely joint of Gammon etc has really pushed my willpower, but Ive done it......

Anyways I have used a Ketostix tonight and Im not sure if Im already in Ketosis or not? Does anyone know what colour it is supposed to be? Mine was the middle colour?

Not helpful but youve got the palest colour at the bottom,then the pinker and then the darker pink again which was mine?

Anyone know what its supposed to be?
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i dont really understand the point of these sticks? why do you use them?

i guess if your on one of the with food plans it may help as some ppl may get knocked out of ketosis by some foods while others do not. but do you NEED to be in ketosis to loose weight?

ive seen them mentioned but just wondering the reason behind knowing, particularly if your on SS [as i am] should i use them?

The reason I use them is as When your body is in Ketosis then you burn the fat in your body, also if you dont drink enough water you go into starvation mode which you dont want either,and if you eat food it kicks you out of ketosis. So I want to know that Im in Ketosis and staying there is good to know, also if you ever did eat anything you can check if your still in it or not?

I bought the stix when I did another diet similar through the chemist and they said to use them, and as ive a full pot of 50 I thought I would use them to see if im in ketosis or not? Not everyone wants to use them and there councillor just checks for you x x
well the chemist told me that when they are to dark it means your not drinking enough water and going into starvation mood so u need to up ur water intake. they should show u in the middle if the bar they have on the back of the pot and that's where u wanna be x x x


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Wow! Are you sure your chemist said that, because that it really incorrect!

Hoping you misheard or he didn't explain properly!

The stix don't check for ketosis per se. Just excess ketones. The colour of the sticks indicate the concentration of these excreted ketones.

If you use all you ketones up, there wont be any excess, so you can be in ketosis but not get a positive on the sticks.

If the colour is dark, you could be dehydrated, but it could mean you have excess ketones left over.

You don't go into starvation mode because you haven't drunk enough water. I'm sorry, but that's rubbish. Of course, not drinking enough water can cause serious health issues with kidneys etc. But starvation mode...nah. Besides, there is a minimin fluid recommendation on Cambridge to avoid dehydration.

When your body is in Ketosis then you burn the fat in your body,
When you reduce calories you burn fat. Nothing really to do with ketosis. Yes, ketosis shows that fat is burning, but not necessarily stored fat. It could be dietary fat.

Being in ketosis itself doesn't mean you are reducing fat weight. If you eat too many calories, you can gain fat and still be in ketosis.

I must admit, I am absolutely gobsmacked that a chemist would get this so wrong, and just hope to goodness he just didn't explain it all very well.

Picks chin up from floor!

Edited to add: and no, eating food doesn't bring you out of ketosis. Too many carbs, sometimes citric acid, too much protein can too, but not just eating food. It depends. A drink could bring you out of ketosis if it had waaay too many carbs for example.
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Ketosticks should be banned lol.....peeing on a stick just ain't right unless you're diabetic:p plus if you stick to the diet 100% you know you're in ketosis :D

Bad Ketosticks:rotflmao:

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