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Day 2 and struggling


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Your tummy will feel better once you have got into ketosis. Keep your eye on the prize and keep drinking the water xxx
I m only on day 1 and know it's gonna get so hard at times but just look at the losses people are achieving and keep in your head that your going to be the same as long as you stick to it, thats what I am telling myself anyway. xxx
hey hun, first 4 days are the hardest stick with it.. it does get so much better...

try split your packs.. that really does help..

drink plenty of water

stick some music on

have a bath

go for a walk

it will get better stick with it... you be so happy this time next week with your first weeks loss.. its amazing.. this diet is really the best!!


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Thanks all, have been spolitting the packs but i'm still hungry within an hour. Going to get a black coffee now before I have my cheese & brocolli:wave_cry:
stick with it - i could never have believed i would stick it as i have NO will power but here i am in week 6.

Clean your windows/house/blinds/cupboards - anything to occupy your mind, thats the secret. Do anything that takes your mind away from food.

My house is shining like a new pin!! lol.



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The first few days are the worst so stick with it.
I waited until lunchtime for my first shake, then 5pm and 8pm as I couldn't go to bed hungry.
I found splitting the shakes never made me feel full.
You do what works for you. Loads of water and black tea/coffee.
Try to make drinking really important and focus on it - takes your mind off food.
Good luck


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Hi Loopy,

How's you today? Hope you're a bit better? It really took me 5 days to feel anyway ok but now it's so much easier (2 1/2 weeks) What helped me tho' is that i'm doing SS+ and having a small 200 kcal meal in the evening and eating it really really slowly.:) If it gets too much for you, consider switching to that until you get into ketosis. I've lost a stone already so it's not really that much different from SS. It really does get better!!:patback:

Take care!


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stick with it loopy, it does get much much better honestly! the first few days i felt terrible, hungry, weak, tired, low, but about day 4/5 i felt like a new person and when i stepped on those scales that made me feel even better and i can honestly say that since starting the diet i have had much more energy, my skins is better and i generally feel a million times better, stick with it, its worth it!

lots of luck x

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