Day 2 - CD - Feeling woozy!!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

Full Member
It's been a bit rougher today, felt quite woozy, light headed, hot and cold with a small headache on and off.

Coped ok though, hasn't put me off.

I think my tummy is flatter too which is GREAT!!!!!

I'm finding the water drinking really easy thank goodness - I never used to drink it!!! Just a pain with all the loo trips!!!!

Gemx :D
Glad that your enthusiasm is still there - thats a huge plus in these first few tough days!

Those feelings should go soon, just keep holding onto that thought!!
Take some painkillers for your headache and take it easy, you'll soon see the results and will be so pleased you stuck it out!! :)
hi Gem!!

Defo keep going YOU WILL succeed!!

You haven't got THAT much to go so i reckon you will def do it by ur wedding day!!