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Day 2 Does nausea pass?

Hi - I've just finished day 2 and still positive BUT does the nausea pass ? Felt really nauseous all day today - so much so that it was a struggle to have CD. Drank loads of water, but always did that anyway (about 6 litres today). Is there anything else that helps ?:confused:
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Queen of the Damned
Hard to say -what sort of nausea are we talking about?


Queen of the Damned
Is it when you have the shake or just generally? You might be going into ketosis which can give you a nasty taste in your mouth, and for some people makes them feel like they constantly have a mouthful of saliva which can make them feel nauseous...


Queen of the Damned
I'm on day three, and the nasty taste is horrible, and my husband has commented my breath smells (he's nice like that!)
At least he warned you!! :p Better than finding out cos people back away when you talk!!! :D
hello anne-marie,

i have had that feeling i am on day four now and do feel bit better as far as the sick feeling goes, but i have have that horrible taste in my mouth and my tongue feels fury and horrible also getting a horrible breath.

I think the sick feeling will pass mite last for another 1 or 2 days.

how long does the this horried taste to go and does the toungue go less furry?




Queen of the Damned
The horrid taste is ketosis - you can use Goldspot to help remove it, and drink loads of water but basically it's one of the side-effects of being in fat burning mode.


Queen of the Damned
Yes I believe you can -will double check.


Queen of the Damned
As far as I can find out (brain shutting down cos it's late) you can use gold spot sparingly.
I apologise if this has been mentioned before but I always found not going too long between shakes soups kept nausea at bay. Split the packs if necessary as I found 1/2 pack made into a medium size mug/glass was about the right strength for me anyway. If i went lots of hours without anything I would more likely feel nauseous. Sorry if the subject has moved on, I didn't want to read the whole thread as bed is beckoning. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Dizzy x
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Hi Ann Marie and Well done for finishing day2!!
You can definately buy goldspot from Asda. its not expensive and you can find it near the mouth washes. I am sure that the sick feeling will pass.
Good Luck.