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day 2 down


On a mission
just about to have my third shake
am quite liking the chocolate (good job I bought 14 of them) and am wondering what to have for tea.
Think I'll have a latte

Can I make a coffee (no milk) and add it to this?

Am a little peckish - got a bit of a headache so am drinking more - but it was my first day back at work for 17 days so that might have something to do with it! :px
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Hi - glad you're enjoying your shakes - cos you ain't got anything else to look forward to, apart from the flapjacks (which I haven't tried yet)!! I'm on week 3 and still finding it a doddle - don't particularly like the shakes or the soup, but I don't hate them so can cope with it all.:)

I can't believe how fast this diet works, so good luck to you and hope you achieve all your aims.:D


On a mission
i have no ketostix (forgot about them) so just waiting for smelly breath
is it really nasty?
Sorry, should have said that YES you can have coffeee - black only. I add coffee granules to the vanilla shakes - can be either iced coffee with an ice cub in, or latte if you heat it up.


On a mission
oooooooo lovely. Might have to get some more vanilla and swap some of the mountain of chocolate I have

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
chele, i just added hot water to a vanilla shake and then added a spoonful of coffee and it was just like a frothy coffee :)

im on day two and in ketosis already, no bad breath here yet thankfully :D


On a mission
yeah my fiance is really looking forward to that part!

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
hehehe, yeah i bet he is :D
Chele, don't worry about the ketostix, if you are sticking to the diet then you'll defo be in ketosis by about day 3.

Bad breath and some have a hairy tongue and build up on teeth. I just brushed my teeth whenever I went out and used mouthwash if I was out too long.

Good luck.



On a mission
hairy tongue - yup he's def gonna love me
I'm using loads of body spray cos I'm convinced I stink all over - not just the breath!! I was advised that people can 'smell' ketosis on me, so I think I'm a tad paranoid about it now!! I bought a diddy holiday size bottle of Listerine mouthwash - perfect handbag size. Can have a sloosh any time of day, or just put a dab on my tongue and roll around my mouth to freshen it up.

While I'm on, can anyone tell me how I can add a list of my weight loss week by week to my messages? I see lots of people doing it, But I can't work out how to do it. And yes, I am blonde!!

Good luck everyone.

Hi Barbara,

Click on User CP in the blue bit then click Edit signature then you can type anything in it and save it.

You may have to post more to do this, I'm not sure but someone said the more you post the more privileges you earn. I think 50 is the first magic number!

Thanks for your help. I suspect you're right about not having enough privileges cos I tried putting it in my signature and it said I didn't have enough characters or something like that. I'll try again another time.

Ta. x:)
thats great well done i always have loads of choc shakes to there my fav x


Posts when she can
Well done 4 getting through the day so well.
Hi everyone. Been a tad busy with stuff - you know how the time goes! Thought it about time I updated my counter. You're all doing fantastically well.

I tried a peanut bar last week - NEVER AGAIN! It was like eating an Oxo cube with bits of nut in it. The only good point was that it took me almost an hour to eat it. I'm gonna stick to the shakes - at least I know what to expect now.

Good luck everyone - we are going to be sooooooo glam when we've finished.

Hiya hun,
I started today, and wow,I tried the flapjack for breakfast and nearly threw up, the tried the strawberry drink for lunch, OMG had to force it down it was the worst tasting strawberry? drink ever, then thankfully tried the soup, well at least that tasted good, oh im not sure how I will be come the weekednd as I'm hoping they grow on me othersie whats the alternative?
I only got the strawberry and soup and flapjax, all recommended by the pharmacist!
Well done 4 getting through the day so well.

Hi hun, I just read your post, did you really lose 3 stone in 5 weeks?? And if so thats amazing, well done you!! I want to do that too, did you find it hard and your obviously very motivated and dedicated, any tips?


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