Day 2 - headaches


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Hi everyone,

I posted a couple of months ago about whether to start and have finally sorted myself out!

It is officially day 2 for me on CD, yesterday went ok but was obviously hungry and tired but also having bad headaches. I did cut down on carbs before hand and am prone to headaches so expected it but do they really go away after the first week?

I am excited and a little scared of the days/weeks to come but have a great CD counsellor so hopefully I will be fine.

Many thanks
Michelle x
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dont be scared... just embrace the next few weeks and really enjoy the great losses which are about to come your way.

just remember food will be there at the end, and you will enjoy it so much more when you feel better about yourself!

good luck and i hope your headaches go soon. im also on day 2 but never suffer with any headaches/ hunger etc... lucky huh?

anyway take care and keep busy on here to distract yourself xxx


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You can take headache tabs on CD as far as I know. Hope they pass soon. They will diminish.


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Thanks, I am really looking forward to the losses, I have read how great they are on here! Need to take just one day at a time really, otherwise it seems too big.

Francesmag, thankyou I have taken some paracetamol but doesn't seem to be shifting. I have recently had a cold so could be to do with that aswell? x


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Hi MrsR.. have you cut out coffee too? my CDC advised me not to as she said that increases the headaches.. My body reacts a similar way to carb withdrawal and i am glad to say it only lasted a day with me :)


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Welcome MrsR2004,

The first few days are tough I have found and after that it does get easier...You do need to take it easy for the first week or so and give your body time to adjust to the new diet and routine.

After the second day on the Cambridge Diet I suffered a severe headache. Why is this?
Occasionally, during the initial three days a person may experience carbohydrate withdrawal and may develop a headache. This is a temporary effect and should be tolerated. A simple tablet for headaches, for example aspirin, taken for a day or two will improve the problem

source: cambridge company history()

Here is a link below to help you put up a weight loss ticker.


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Thanks Sarah, I am not a tea or coffee drinker but am pleased to say my headache has eased slightly today so hoping it stays that way and gets better!

Thanks Mini, good to hear that it does happen to others and does go away! Thanks for the ticker info too, will take a look x

Day 3 and not so bad this morning.....touch wood x