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Day 2 - How much water does every1 drink?


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i drink 4 litres hun, i used to drink 3 but then since excercising and therefore sweating quite a bit lol i added another litre!

Im on day 2 awsell! hope your doing ok, ive got a headache aswell but its a good sign! Ive been drinking about 6 pints i hope this is enough!
i drink a pint before my shake or meal. then i add extra to my shakes and i also drink loads of coffee. if i exercise i can easily go through an extra litre. i also will drink around a pint of water overnight. so....

all in all a minimum of 5 pints a day then 7 if exercise. then my added water on top.
Ooooh! Day 2 here as well, and I also have 47 lbs to lose!

I got one of those 2 litre plastic pop bottles and make sure I fill it up in the morning and drink 1 and a half of them a day, in addition to coffee etc.

I printed out a tick list with every date from now until 18th February and a box next to it to tick when I have drank one and a half - and stuck it on the bottle! Maybe that is just obsessive...


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I don't drink enough - I know I should bnut I get distracted and keep finding 3/4 full glassess all round the house..but I have never drunk enough and don't drink Tea'/coffee either. befre CD I would often sit down after the kids were in bed and realise I hadn't drunk anything that day!


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I am drinking about 4 pints of water, as well as some coffee. Not sure what that is in litres. I have a exercise arm band that beeps every two hours t tell me to drink. It works for me!

I think the headache will be carb withdrawal though and you should be fine by day 4/5.
Day 2 was yesterday for me and I took paracetmol as soon as I felt my headache, and drank more water than the minimum 4 pints (2.25 litres), think I had about 6 pints yesterday. I think it stopped me getting a stinking headache.
i find it hard to remember to drink water too and worried it will affect my weight loss, i can just about manage 2 cups of tea a day plus my shake soup and porridge, better go get that botte of water at lunch time and put it on my desk to glug away!
good luck everyone


please try again
i drink between 4 and 6 litres of water a day and i add extra to my shakes too.

for me if i just drink the minimum then i feel sick and dizzy and headachy


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The more you drink...the more you shrink...!!

(sorry couldn't resist! I finding drinking water really hard, as I don;t normally drink very much. I have started to plan water like meals....and have to have t as part of my plan at certain times each day)


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hanging head in shame - only had 2 glasses today and one of those is on the table 1/2 drunk!!-off to get another 2 now!!!


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I normally drinks 2litres cos i can't stand the taste of water.
Usually, I can go all day without having a drink :rolleyes: but now I`m on the diet, I make sure I have 3L of water, Sometimes add a bit extra to my shakes and also drink my weight in Green Tea with Mint lol

I`m now nagging my poor hubbie to put in a downstairs loo! I should have lost my 2st just by running and up down the stairs rofl

I have bought a 1L bottle of water and I keep refilling it so that I know how much I`ve had Xxx


please try again
I normally drinks 2litres cos i can't stand the taste of water.
have you tried the water flavorings? i have 2 litres of sparking with the berry flavouring of an evening and love it
Like Claire I also have between 4 and 6 litres a day. I really suffer if I don't keep my water levels topped up. I did ease up on my intake at one stage but have found it has crept up again. I have all my water with flavourings as I can't drink it without it now.