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You can saffrons hang in there. This is the moment when you can choose to change your life or to stay the same. Imagine yourself in a month when u will have at least a stone gone, at least! And in a year you will be grateful you stuck with it because of the new lease of life u will have. xx


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i know how u feel huney, cos thats how im feeling! but it does get easier, i promise! dont give up now, cos ull only feel worse, just talk to us and or play some games in the arcade or look at the inspiration slide show! its brillant and will keep u focused.
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OMG I could have typed that! I am really really struggling and am so very hungry. Keep trying to distract myself but it is not working

I am very unhappy right now, but know if I stop I will kick myself. How come others can lose 1 stone a month on ww or rc and I cant lol


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Remember that being on a diet is a choice and not a prison sentence.

You are choosing to be slim and take control and be healthy and live longer, therefore be proud of that choice and smile about it.

The food isn't bad, it will be there when you finish reducing your weight but for a short time you are choosing to slim down.

Best way to do this diet is laugh your way through it and realise that it is the key to a lot of doors, just got to allow the diet to do it's work while you plan the rest of your life being slim.



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Believe me you will NOT feel like this a few days from now!! Just get yourselves through the next few days & you will be buzzin, you will have bags of energy & you wont be bothered about the food. I still get the odd cravings every now & then but when i think i've lost almost 2 stone in 4 weeks there is no way i will give into those cravings. Icemoose is right, the food will still be there when you have finished TFR, it is such a short time in the grand scheme of things. Stick with it & you wont regret it, it DOES get easier with every day. When i started i didnt think i would last 4 days let alone 4 weeks, now i know i will go on as long as it takes & you will too. You CAN do it xxx
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Saffrons, I was a big foodie when I started LT. So much so that I dismissed the diet last year thinking I wouldn't be able to stick to it and again earlier this year. Now I wish I'd bitten the bullet back then coz I'd be sure to be a target by now.

There is a reason we need to diet. We are unhealthy and eat too much. When I started I was morbidly obese, oh the shame of it, I wouldn't tell my OH coz I didn't want him to be disgusted by me.

The first week I could have eaten the carpet I was so hungry. I hadn't found this site then but had a really good friend supporting me who encouraged me and was at the end of the phone day or night.

I've been on LT for 14 weeks now and can honestly say I have never cheated. Today I made brownies with my daughter and in the past probably would have eaten a fair few. Not tempted at all! I do crave food but my biggest cravings are for salmon, red pepper, tomatoes and strawberries. Never thought I'd say that before!

The first week is the toughest and many fall at the wayside then BUT, if you stick to it, your first WI will have you dancing around the chemists.

You can do it. You will need all your willpower the first week. Keep yourself occupied.

Someone once said on here that nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. I have adopted it and have it printed on a sheet in my kitchen.

I am now just 11lb off being just overweight and the buzz is just amazing!

Good luck hun. We are here if you need us so use us as often as you need to.

Big Cuddles from me.

Hey hon
You can do it , just look around at everyone who managed to make it through the first week, its plain sailing from there on in chuck xxxn In my first week I couldve eaten anything even food i didnt like, tho like cuddly i now crave healthy stuff and i cant wait for a nice big salad !


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I know if I cave in I will hate myself... I don't know whats wrong with me I am obsessed with the thought of a chinese!!!!
Oh my god thats all i've thought about all day aswell and the smell was divine when I drove past it before. But hold in there you can do it, it's for a short time compared to the rest of your life. You can treat yourself with a chinese when you've done refeeding but by then you probably won't even want one x
Chinese does taste nice, it also smells nice as well! But it really is short term thrills.

Being slim is cool! it's fun!! and really is better than any pork balls and rice dish. (HONEST!)



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Take your favorite food and think of all the grease and crap that goes into making it!! Thats what i did i just looked at myself and thought yeah i could have a chinese and be happy for 30 mins or stick at this diet and be happy for hopefully the rest of my life!


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have a bath, go for a walk, go to bed - chat on here - do anything


you will feel better by day 3/4 and like you are not on a diet at all by week 3/4 and be slim - for ever!!!


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hey there, its well to early to pack it in...i know its sooooo hard, if anything give it a week...get your first weigh in and see how its goes from there..

Im so missing my food also, my son is now beside me eating alot of crap..crisps and bars...the smell is lovely


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Woweee, congratulations! You took the plunge and went where others dared not Saffrons, you're already on the road to a slimmer healthier you. You, like all of us on here made a choice to stop the misery of being overweight and make a fresh start with LT.
Just think, now you can wake up every day to the thought that you will never again be as heavy as you were yesterday and on your first weigh in you will have crossed the only hurdle in your way, that of switching to Ketosis. When this happens you will finish your journey with great success and in the fastest time possible.

So like all of your new friends here to support you, i say hang on and trust us when we say you will be delighted with the results.

Good luck Saffrons, we will be cheering you on.


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cheers everyone you have really helped me today.... will face tomorrow when it comes... one day at a time i think it will be
Yes one day at a time. U can do it girl. Course u can, u know u can and u will. :cool:
Hi, I'm on my first day, for the second time. I caved at day 3 last time and regret it now. My dad is flying after his first week and I wish I was where he is at the moment, all I want is salami!!! I'm so determined to do it this time though, I must have loose jeans and thighs that don't rub together!!! If you eat you'll feel great for a few minutes, but totally pants later. Good luck!!! x

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