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Day 2 nearly done !

Hi everyone.

I started LL on \tuesday morning. I found last night incredibly hard and had the worst headache ever. found the banana and strawberry shakes pretty nice and the veg soup i really enjoyed, oh and the curry one was ok too.

Went to bed at about half nine last night because my headache was so bad and felt really weepy and down and all i could think about was eating, but strangely i wasnt actually hungry. I think i just had a sort of daunting feeling of OMG what am i doing this for and i cant do this!

Woke up today feeling alot more positive and brighter. Have had my shakes today and had the porridge for tea at around half five .....didnt like that at all :sigh:

Had to cook my kids there tea and really could have picked at something so easily but i am pleased to say i didnt.

My headache is starting gain and im getting that low mood coming over me again but i think its because its evening and the usual time for me to pick.

I am hoping that it will get easier as the next few days go on, and any help would be greatly appreciated because i soooo want and need to do this.

Mandie xxx
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Keep possitive! Try increasing your water, it usually gets rid of my headaches gradually. Hope that helps.

P.S Welcome to LL & The Forums



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Hi Mandie - stick with it, it really does get easier. Try a couple of painkillers and a soak in a bubble bath. It will help the headache and should make you feel relaxed and hopefully not so low.

It's worth persevering with and remember the first few days are the worst :D
Hi Mandie and welcome. I started last week it's true what everyone says, it gets much easier and the buzz you get after your first meeting is amazing hun x


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Hey lovely, you can and will do this, I agree first few days are hard and the habitual craving for food and telling yourself you can't do this is a feeling some of us went through. I have lost 52lb never did I think I could say that when I started, keep your mind occupied oh and your hands to stop you picking chick, good luck xx

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Hi all

Thanks for your replies. I have done ok, cant say i havent struggled the first three days because i have. Not from a hunger point of view but thinking about eating and thinking "there is no way i can do this".

But i am so happy to say i am now on the start of day 4 and im feeling really pleased with myself.

I know its not going to be easy and new that before i started. Im just trying to take one day at a time and hope that i am able to get to where you all are and feel better about myself.

I just keep thinking im going away to Florida at the end of july and it would be so nice to be able to go and fit into the nice named clothes when i get there.

So great to be able to have the support from this forum and read the different stages people are at. Im not very good and seem to get lost around the forum and how to see my replies but im sure i will get used to it.


Mandie xxx


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This forum is quite difficult until you get the hang of it. If you go to the top of the site on a laptop or pc click on CP ( I think doing this from memory) it will show all your relies and if you post on other threads ot will show latest updates xx

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More than welcome Hun xx

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Oh no its friday and not a good night in my house for food. Just had to make the kids tea and it has nearly killed me :( Have felt sooo good today and to be honest not really struggled until now !

I havent given in but was so close to having just one nibble but figured one would just lead to another. Why on earth i fell like that i dont know because im not really hungry but just feel like i am depriving myself.

Have just come away and filled up my water and had a cigarette. Cant believe how hard it was and has quite scared me. I know i should be pleased that i walked away but i feel so miserable.

Mandie x x
I completely understand why you feel miserable. The way I described it was that I was mourning food :( I missed it terribly. BUT you did really well walking away and when you go to bed tonight I'm sure you'll feel good about it. I'm pretty certain that having that nibble wouldnt have made you feel good. Keep it up, it does get easier xxx

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Welcome mandie
Well done for not nibbling, it is sooo tough at the begimning, especially preparing food for others, stay focused and pamper yourself, you are worth it! Soak in the bsth, i have done nearly every night since starting and now part of thr me time with lovely smellies in too!
I find myself craving food but not hungry, distraction is my friend!

Good luck with your journey

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