Day 2 / Newbie - Advice Please ?


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Hi all, I am on day 2 and so far so good. Ideally I would like to lose 3 stone (1st weigh in was 15st) but here is my dilemma.

I can do 4 weeks solid but then I have a weekend away planned with a large group that has been booked for 6 months and I know I wont be able to be on the diet during that weekend.
Would it be stupid to do 4 weeks TFR then refeed for a week and restart the diet for another few weeks ?

Also, last night I had a horrendous migraine that I hear can sometimes happen on Lipotrim - I hope it wont be a regular thing - any tips ?

Thanks in advance

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hi welcome to the forum.

well firstly you obviously knew before you started lt that the event was coming up so its really up to you whether you decide to stick with it and take your shakes etc with you or whether you decide to refeed for a week before hand and then go straight back onto it...please bear in mind that going back onto lt can be more difficult than starting afresh..that said if it were me, id probably stick with the shakes (i had lots of evetns to go to my first time and didnt waver once, unlike this time round...its so much harder)

with regard to themigrane its just like any detox diet in that you take away the stimulants ie chocolate, coffee etc and your body will be crying out for it for a while until you get used to it....itll go eventually..just take paracetamol to help you get over it

hope that helps a bit

h xx


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Thank you both, I appreciate your advice.

Willpower permitting, I will continue for the next 4 weeks and then decide whether I will refeed or continue on with the TFR. I am trying not to put myself in any position of temptation so I am not sure how I will fare if I was to stick to the shakes during the weekend.

Thanks also for the advice about the migraine, hopefully they wont continue. Unfortunately when I did Lipotrim about 2 years ago, I had a hemiplegic migraine which caused paralysis down one side (kind of like the effects of a stroke-scary). This was a new one on me and I have never had one before or since, so I was just a bit nervous about having a migraine last night.

Having said that, I do get migraines from time to time so it could be completely unrelated.

Thanks again for your advice


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Yeah, go for it you'll be amazed at how much you will lose in a month!!


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Good luck, I had a couple of light headaches at the begining (body getting rid of the rubbish)and stopped mostly during xmas but managed to get back on 100% now. I am glad I started I would have not lost 19lb's in those first 3 weeks otherwise and i dont know what I would have put it can be done, just stay solid up to this and eat sensibly whilst away.


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Thanks for all the advice - day 2 was fine and not feeling hungry at all - hopefully I wont have another migraine tonight too.

I am just trying to concentrate on the end result - I do have to say that 4 weeks seems a long way off.

Thanks again for your help