Day 2 - Not so easy

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Gillybean, 16 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. Gillybean

    Gillybean Full Member

    I have put this in my diary but i don't think anyone's read it yet lol

    I had a horrible day today normally i would have headed down the chippie or the chinese but i didn't, i had been really good, had 2 litres, shakes etc

    then i just have to have a cream cracker (not very exciting) i ended up having 3 and a cheese slice, do you think i've cocked it all up already?
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  3. sophie_mk

    sophie_mk Full Member

    Just don't eat anything else hun, you shouldn't do to much damage, as long as there was no butter on the crackers.

    You may drop out of ketosis for a short period, it depends how sensitive your body is.

    Stay focused - it's worth it!

  4. Gillybean

    Gillybean Full Member

    No butter, and only 1 had the cheese slice on, i'm sure i could have done much worse

    Also i did a ketosis stick and it went pink, i can't remember but i think that means i am in is, is that right?
  5. sophie_mk

    sophie_mk Full Member

    Sounds okay then, so don't let it make you stop. :D

    I am on day 1 of a restart so I am feeling your pain hun! :cry:

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