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Day 2 of Restart (and advice needed for Days 4 & 5 of CD)

Hi lovelies, i'm back :D

I have finally managed to get to day 2 of my restart :) after several attempts of restarting since December. But I had to give up on restarting in december because i kept gettin unwell (flu, stomach virus etc) and decided that i would try again in January.

I was meant to restart last week but i only ever managed to get to 11:30pm on each occasion and then for some reason i would eat :mad:. This went on for a few days and so i decided to just wait until i am in the right frame of mind.

So i dont know how i got through yesterday but i did. I was very tempted with all the yummy food in the house but i managed to resist. I think i will get through today fine, although i am feeling a bit hungry right now :rolleyes:.

I was abit worried about posting on here again because i thought i might not be able get through the week but that would be just setting myself up for failing so i decided to be positive.

The only thing i am worried about is Monday (day 4) and Tuesday (day 5) next week. I am on placement in a primary school on Mondays and Tuesdays and i'm worried that i won't be able to drink as much water as i like due to having to be in the classroom for most of the day. I'm also worried about having to be excused for loo breaks every half hour or so and this will irritate the teacher (altho there is a TA in the classroom aswell).

I'm only concerned because i know Day 4 and 5 could be tough for me and i want to be able to drink as much water as i can if i start to get headaches etc. I am worried that i might end up messing up the diet on these days if i experience bad carb withdrawal symptoms. I get really anxious when i start to feel dizzy etc :( and always end up eating something just to reassure myself that i'm going to be ok (i suffer from anxiety :().

Has anyone got any advice or tips about this problem?? Or has anyone been in a similar situation being in a classroom environment and being on CD? Do you think i should let the teacher know that i am drinking so much because i am on CD and i may need to be excused for the loo alot or should i just make something up :confused: (e.g weak bladder). My placement is part of my university course so i have to do well and i dont want to get a bad report that includes lots of toilet trips, if you know what i mean, lol :rolleyes:

Anyway, i would appreciate any advice or suggestions you have to offer.:)

I look forward to meeting all the newbies as well as any of the old gang that might be around.

Speak to you soon :)

xxx Maybe_Baby xxx

(sorry for the long post :rolleyes:)
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I always think honesty is the best policy, be honest with the teacher but try and keep loo trips to a minimum, if you really see days 4 and 5 as your main problem can you not take them off sick, you can go back on day 6 feeling good that you have managed to get over the worse bit.

Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.


Seeking thinner peace
Hi there Maybaby,

Nope, no experience of classroom environment but I do drive around a lot on my placement and visit homes where I would be loathe to ask to use the loo. It seems unprofessional somewhat. So on days like this, I take most of my water in the evening. I do take little sips out of a 500ml bottle just to keep the mouth wet. But I am on day 19 now and I think my body is adjusting nicely to all the water. I drink a minimum of 4 litres a day.

I also find that being on CD gives me a clear head so I can cope with all the demands of the day. Any how, ketosis should start to kick in by day 4 so you should be alright. If you are worried about headaches then I suggest taking some paracetemol first thing to take the edge off. I used to try and work out how long it took me between a tall drink of water and needing the loo, so I could plan my drinking. Suffice to say, I got caught short more than a few times.

Whatever you do, fit in at leat the minimum recommended water in you day or night.
Thank you so much for your replies, i appreciate all the advice and help.

Springador- i have thought about taking the days off but i have already missed 2 days due to illness and i really want to stay on top of things. I also think it will be good for me to get through the day so i can plan out when i can drink my water and when i am likely to use the loo so i have a plan for the coming weeks.
But thank you for the suggestion of being honest with the teacher. I think i will probably see how i get on and then tell the teacher if she confronts me about it.

Plus - I have thought about drinking most of my water in the evenings. I finish my placement around 4pm and can manage about 2ish litres before 9pm (i dont like to drink after that because then i wil be up all night). I'm also considering getting up an hour early (thats going to be tough, lol) and drinking a litre of water before i have to be in school. Then i thought i could take 1 litre with me to school and take little sips throughout the day.

I'm hoping i'll be in ketosis by tomorrow. I already have a fuzzy tongue, but i'll have to get some ketostix or something.

Plus - it must be difficult for you to do CD whilst travelling and visiting homes. But you are doing fab to get to day 19, well done :).

Thank you for your advice and support.

I hope you have a good evening xx :)


To infinity and beyond!

I am an HLTA in a secondary school and also find it awkward to use the toilet. I have a glass of water first thing and then another in the staff room before lessons start. Another at break, one at dinner, then as soon as the bell has gone at the end of the day, start drinking seriously.
Have not been caught out yet :D

Good luck with your placement.
Thanks for your reply Hollycat. I think i will just have to sip water throughout the day. I also have to supervise the lunch hour and cant really nip off to the loo and leave the kids alone, so its abit difficult. I'm glad my placement is only 2 days a week tho.

I love my placement tho :). I was working in a childrens centre before xmas, but i love being in a primary school environment so much more. I dont think i could handle being in a high school tho, the kids would probably end up making me cry, lol.

Thanks again for the advice :) xx


To infinity and beyond!

I'm sure you will be fine on the toilet front.

I love working with older children, don't think I could do the younger ones, far too clingy and needy - obviously horses for courses!
I also enjoy the school environment of secondary school, different teacher, different class every lesson

Good luck tomorrow and with your CD journey :)
Hey, I know what you mean, I am on placement in a secondary school the problem is that I am teaching, so I cannot leave the class to go to the toilet. I try and have a litre of water before school, then toilet, a drink at break, as much as possible at lunch, and drink loads on my frees.

It is difficult some days and I only manage 1 litre then feel it when I get home. If you are observing I am sure the teacher won't mind too much plus you probably won't be drinking a lot in the classroom.
Hope it goes well tomo.
Hi Hollycat and Karina, thanks for your replys.

I'm not so worried about tomorrow now, i think i might be ok. I'll just try to drink as much water as possible before and after school. The first and last half hour of the day consists of an assembly and then geting ready for home time, so i will have time to go to the loo.

Sometimes i am observing in class and other times i have to work with small groups or one to one, so i dont have time to drink in class, but i will just have to work out a time plan for drinkin water and loo breaks, lol.

I didnt have this problem last time i did CD because i wasnt on placement and i only had to cope with 1 day a week in college but this time round i have loads going on.

Karina, i hope you are enjoying your teaching. Are you on a PGCE or GTTP or is it an undergratuate degree?? I am currently doing a foundation degree in 'Children's and Young Peoples Services: Teaching Assistant Specialism' at Derby University. I want to go on to an Education Studies Degree or an Early Childhood Studies Degree after the foundation degree and then maybe a PGCE or GTTP for primary teaching. I'm taking the part time route so i have a few years yet to complete the whole studying process but its nice because i can take on other things.

Anyway, i'll shut up now, lol.

I hope you all have a nice sunday and you have a good week at school.

Take Care xx :)
hey maybe,Wow! You sound busy with all ya qualifications you've got planned, at least you know what you want to do.

I am doing a Maths PGCE, secondary, it is hard work but luckily I am at a really good school. So glad I decided to go into teaching,wasn't too sure at the start of the year though, it' a great job.

Hope ya course goes well, primary school kids are sweat but hard work. I had to spend 7 days in a primary school, they kids are lovely but the teachers have to know so much compared to secondary school teachers, it must be hard work.

Have a nice time in school.:D
Maths PGCE, thats ace. I could only really do GCSE Maths, i tried to A Level Maths but i wasn't very good, lol.

I think you've made a fab decision to go into teaching. It can be hard work but it is so rewarding. I either wanted to teach High School Biology or primary school. I wanted to do primary school because its nice to think that i can have an effect on childrens lives when they are young and i will be a part of their lives. I also like that you can spend more time with them and you get to teach a range of subjects. I have always really valued my education and what i have achieved and i want to help other children feel the same way about education. But, i do agree that it is hard work. You need to have knowledge of all the subjects so that you can teach the children what they have to know.

I really love being in a primary school environment tho, i cant wait to go in tmrw :).

I hope you 've had a good day xx
I just thought i would post about my day because i didnt have much trouble getting through the day. I woke up early and had about a litre before i went on my placement and then i managed to finish a litre in the day, just little sips here and there.

I did feel abit light headed and dizzy today but hopefully i wont get that tmrw.I have mentioned to the TA that i am on the diet and i need to drink alot but she said not to worry as long as i dont have too many toilet breaks, especially when i am needed in the class.

So its been a good day. But i did feel sick in the morning when i got to school, dont know why.

I hope tmrw goes well.

I hope you all had a fab day in school :) xx


To infinity and beyond!
Glad your first day went went.

What age are the pupils you are working with, or does it vary?

Hope Tuesday is just as good for you :)
What age are the pupils you are working with, or does it vary?
I work with Year 2 and they are about 7 years old. I also hope tp work with Years 1, 3 and 4 and the age range for those years is 5 - 9 Years.

I havent gone into my placement today because i have been unwell all morning. I didnt sleep very well due to headaches and body pains and then I couldn't lift my head when i tried to get up this morning. When i did try to get up, i felt dizzy and blacked out.

I can also feel the flu coming on again as i have a bad chest, runny nose and sore throat.

So i have not been able to SS today :(. I was doing so well but my parents got worried when i blacked out so i have had to have something to eat today. Mum made me some chilchen soup so i'm trying to stay healthy.

I am going to have to think about if i want to continue with SS. My BMI is so close to 25 that i think it might be a good idea to either try the 790cals/1000cals plan or i might try the healthy eating and exercise route because i really miss exercising and i want to start training for the race for life.

I'm need to take my medication now so speak soon

I hope you have a good day :) xx


To infinity and beyond!
Much too young for me, I like to work with older ones, my favourite year is yr10.

Sorry you are feeling under the weather, hope you feel better soon :)

I'm not an expert, but I thought SS was a no no if you were near BMI 25 anyway, perhaps it is time to move to a higher plan.

Look after yourself.


Fed up of being fat
Hope you are feeling better MB, sorry to hear you've been unwell!!

I think with a bmi in the 25 range it would probably be best and I think its recommended to be on 790 or above? Look after yourself, its good to lose weight but more important to be healthy while doing it.

Hi Missy/Holly, thank you for your replies :)

Sorry i couldn't get back to you sooner, i haven't been too well and i'm still getting the headaches.

I'm still thinking what to do about CD. I will contact my CDC tmrw and ask for her advice. I think i might go onto the 790cals plan and have the meal in the afternoon at school. Hopefully that will give me enough energy to get through the day.

I'm still not too sure why i was so bad today :( and i didnt experience anything like this last time but then again i started CD at 11 stones 10 lbs :rolleyes:.

I hope you both had a good day :) xx
Hope you are feeling better MB, sorry to hear you've been unwell!!

I think with a bmi in the 25 range it would probably be best and I think its recommended to be on 790 or above? Look after yourself, its good to lose weight but more important to be healthy while doing it.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well and I think this is really good advice

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you and your CDC can find a suitable plan.
Hope you get better soon.:)
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you and your CDC can find a suitable plan.
Hope you get better soon.:)
Thanks Sweetie :)

I think the 790 plan might be the best way to go. But i will let you know what i decide.

I hope you've had a good day :) xx

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