Day 2.....oooooo my head!!


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Day 1 was a complete success thank god

Day 2 today and my head is pounding!!!! Could do with resting

I'm drinking lots of water but it's not helping!! This is the first time I've experienced headaches on this diet :(

Anyone else got bad headaches?? Xx
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Day 3 and 4 were horrendous for me, I had such a bad headache I had to take the day of work. But I woke up on day 5 and felt amazing :) Please please dont give up, take some tablets and keep downing the water, its so worth it. anytime you feel weak, just come on here, or visualise those gorgeous clothes you'll be wearing on your holiday!!!


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Morning babe, I had headaches the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days of the diet!! I did find that drinking even more water helped clear it though!!

Hang on in there, they will pass babe :)

Well done on your first 100% day!!

Whoop whoop!! Very proud if you chick xxxxxxxx
well done for getting this far :) most people get the headache , it is sugar and carb withdrawl and normally only lasts a day or 2 till you hit ketosis ... tkae paracetamol regularly for a few days and you will soon feel better :)

sarah-louise x

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well done!!! i too had the headaches but they do subside hun so keep going and ul get past it :) roll on weigh day :) xx


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Hi, I'm on day 3 and have also had a banging headache for the past couple of days, so can sympathise with you. Paracetamol do help a bit, and it will pass, not nice though is it :( Just keep reminding yourself that it will be worth it in the long run :D


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S: 13st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(7.45%)
Thank u all :)

I've had what feels like gallons of water and headache is dull now! Yay!!

I tell u wat though I'm starting to think of food :( xxx