Day 2, Questions.

completed day 1, and day 2 the water is getting to me. I just popped into see my councillor and pick up some fruits of the forest and was shocked at the price.
Is it ok to use the CD water flavourings, and if so, where would I get them, as I hear they are cheaper.
Also, I ws wondering about using Psyllium Husk Powder to thicken my soups, but my councillor says they are a no-no.
What does everyone else think.
Many thanks


ps 4lb off already........
Hiya, I think you can buy the CD water flavourings on ebay

Have you tried drinking peppermint tea etc to help with your water intake? I know when I was struggling I would make up loads of peppermint tea and keep it in the fridge...not ideal, but it makes a change from plain water....I prefer sparkling water so tend to drink a lot of that.

PH is ok to take on any VLCD as far as I know, as long as it is pure PH..will try tofind a link and post it for you
Perhaps your counsellor was thinking about the psyllium husks that have probiotics added (they do contain a few carbs)

However, pure, whole psyllium husks contain NO carbs, NO cals and are indigestible. They are purely a bulking agent to help combat constipation and pass through your system 'one end t'other'!! :) .

Well done on the 4lb loss <applauds!!>

Oh - and as for the water flavourings, I personally can't see why you can't use CD flavourings but a CDC would probably be the best one to advise here.
Hi Jason

I have lost my weight on the Cambridge Diet and don't know anything about lighter life apart from what I have picked up on the forum.

I partly dropped by to say Hi as I'm North Essex too Great Dunmow and it's nice to think there are other miniminers and other VLCDers around you. I guess that is one of the advantages of LL that you are in a local group.

I also wanted to just give you my own personal opinion on starting a VLCD based on mine and my husbands personal experiences and not to be taken as anything else.

When we started CD we kept it as simple and as possible I suppose by simple I also mean strict. We had our shakes and soups as they were and a small selection of flavours we stuck to certain times of the day spacing the packets fairly evenly.

We also drank lots of water evenly through the day with out water flavouring no extras like coke zero etc. We didn't cook any packs or split them. We also gave up tea and coffee we went for a full blown detox. It was hard I guess but before long we felt great not only physically but mentally too so strong we had achieved something we never thought we were capable of.

I soon introduced green tea but cut out the coffee for several months and have not reintroduced the black tea. Not only was I addicted to these and drank in excess I also ate with these drinks and wanted to break this cycle.

Motivation is so strong at the start if you really really want this to work then you will do anything to succeed and so personally I think the start is the time to be most strict. Later on when things were getting tougher and and motivation reducing and boredom setting in we added extra flavours, routines etc. For some of us this is a long journey and again personally I think it is important to be able to refresh it from time to time and so holding back on some things is good as it can be a later reward or treat.

Sorry about the long post was really only dropping by the say hi but..... I don't even think I've answered any of your questions but maybe my ramblings may help in some way?

Good Luck for this week and the next 100 days and beyond.

Dizzy x
Hi Shug

I am by no means an expert - on my 6th day myself.

To be honest I am not finding the water a problem but maybe my tips will help.

I fill up 8 1/2 litre bottles of tap water and take them to work with me.

I drink at least one before I leave the house in the morning and one on the way to work (45 min drive)

Thats usually 1 litre down before I get to work at 9 am

I then always keep one on the desk with me and as soon as it is finished I get out another.

I usually end up with a litre to drink at the end of the day and have 1/2 litre on way home and the final one at some point in the evening.

I generally drink more than the 3 litres as I am usually thirsty. I drink when I feel hungry ( in days 1 & 2 that was frequent) and that helped keep my mind off eating. I am in day 6 now and do not feel hungry at all.

The water does make you pee alot so be prepared for that but I have been told that your body will adjust and so that will not be a problem all the time.

I am peeing less than I did at the start but still fairly frequent.

I did buy the flavourings, but have not felt the need to use them yet.

Hang on in there - it does get easier. The water does make you feel better and more full of energy.

I find that drinking the water at room temp rather than cold out of the fridge it is easier to get down.

Good luck