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Day 2 :S

Ok so I have found day 2 to be a lot harder than day 1, I do feel hungry & have thought about food quite alot today.. will this pass? Also is it normal to need the loo all the time? I'm guessing it is to do with all the water i'm drinking :confused:
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Everything you have said Lou, is perfectly normal.... The food/hunger feeling should pass when you get into ketosis (no more than a day or 2)..
You are quite right, because of your water intake, you will be constantly peeing!! lol
Keep an eye on your bowel movements too, as this diet can often (doesn't always) cause constipation.. Just be aware hun..
You are nearly over the worst... Good luck x x x
Thankyou huni :) just can't wait for the hunger to pass or at least ease a little lol
Im finishing day 6! Im surprised ive managed...take a look at emmas diary for inspiration think she is called tinkerbellfairy or something like that!...it gets easier after day 3...you dont feel hungry BUT you still want to eat tho :mad:!
Thankyou :) day 3 and i'm still feeling hungry but didn't find today a struggle until it got to 4pm & i had to cook tea at work for the kiddies :(..roll on weigh in day thats whats keeping me going! flutterbye u done really well 18lb in 3 weeks! xx
im on day 2 not that bad tried making a mousse but too much water day 3 i find hard failed twice there but am determined to pass throught it lol roll on nxt wednesday x
make it past day 1 :)
Make it past day 3
complete 1st week and weight in
lose my 1st stone
get bk into my size 20s
lose 2nd stone
lose 2 1/2 stone
lose 3 stone
lose 3 1/2 stone
lose 4 stone
get to overweight and out of obese
more to follow lol

Loulou it'll be a bit tough for a while but then all of a sudden you'll realise that you are surviving and more importantly LOSING and you'll be overjoyed and it'll all have been worth it..keep going, don't give in to the demons in your head....just focus on the image of a skinnier you!! x