Day 2

Hey everyone :) first post here, looking for support for the next 10 weeks and hopefully give some support too.

I'm on day 2 of TS, it is a re start as I did 2 weeks at the start of the year but 'fell off the wagon'!!!

I did 16 weeks on LL in 2007/08 and lost 4 stones, Going from 16st to 12. I kept 3st of it off for 2 years until I got pregnant and went from 13st to 17.8 when I weighed myself at the beginning of the year. I am 16.9 at the moment and hoping to complete 10 weeks on TS.

I feel as if I'm glued to the forum already and it's kept me going through the first day and 2nd so far.

Can anyone give me a glimpse on how much I could lose in 10 weeks on Exante TS?? Need that hope to hold on to! Lol.

My baby girl is 8 months old now and I do not want to be a fat Mum! I want her to be proud of me but most of all I don't want her to be overweight and go through what I have over the years with the low self esteem, bullying, feeling left out and always being the fat one!! I will not let it happen to her!! But I need to be a good role model myself or she will pick up my bad eating/binging habits.

Thanks everyone, hope you're day is good so far :)
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slimmer bridezilla

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S: 20st2.4lb G: 13st7lb
Hi fellow yummy mummy to be - our history's sound very similar (I lost around 3 stone in 3 months on CD for my wedding in 2008) since having baby put it all back on plus another stone for good measure - I did this a bit pre xmas and lost about the stone but I'm back on it to try and get the other 3 off by around Easter hopefully. I totally relate to your reasons for wanting to lose and I don't want to be the fat mummy at the gates either and want to demonstrate a healthier relationship with food. Very Good luck with it -look forward to seeing your progress
Hello, thanks for posting :)

I'm nearly finished day 3 on TS and am now in ketosis!! Whoop whoop!

I have been craving food today but managed to get through it! I just keep thinking that if I get this bit over with, the initial jump start of my weight loss then it'll motivate me to carry on and live a healthier lifestyle! That's the plan anyway! Lol,

I remember how good it felt last time I was slimmer, I found it difficult to see a difference to start with after losing so fast but then looking and feeling good became the norm, along with making better food choices and exercising! I want to be back there!

Hope today is going well for you :)