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Total Solution Day 2!

Well, I've never written a diary in my entire life but feel like it'll probably help me stick to this - especially with how my head's banging right now and how I'm having hot sweats! :eek:

My wife and I started on TS yesterday morning and, suprisingly, I'm not in the slightest bit hungry right now and I've not had my shake yet!

We've always eaten late in the evening due to our work life and it tends to be junk food, hence where all this extra weight has come from!

I find it difficult to eat breakfast so I plan on a shake for lunch around 1pm or so, my soup for "dinner" about 7pm and then my bar for an evening snack. This is how we did it yesterday and it worked OK.

I'm guessing that as I'm not even remotely hungry or fancying any food then I'm in Ketosis but, if so, then that's happened really quick (not that I'm complaining!). ;)

Anyways, I'll probably keep popping in here for support and just to natter with everyone - and my wife is setting up her own account as well! :)

Next job is to set up a ticker and put all my stats online, that'll have to wait until tonight though as my weight-loss chart is stuck to the fridge!

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I was In ketosis by the second day. I prefer to leave my shakes etc to later than I normally would of eaten food. I have my bar at 10am, shake at 2pm and then I split my soup into 2 cup of soups at 5 and 7 to keep me going. I've never been one for keepin a diary, but find these forums really help.
Good luck to both of you on your weight loss journey.
So Hard!

Well, it's Day 3 now and I'm really struggling.

I'm definitely in Ketosis as I have the "metal-mouth", and I did a Ketostix which came up as Moderate but I'm just craving real food so much, it's not even that much of a hunger but more of a craving.

I gave in a bit last night as I really wanted a huge KFC bucket and the craving become so strong that I gave in but I ended up at Subway and had a beef salad there which was 118cals and 6g carbs so a better choice than the KFC but still not TS :( I know that people say Tomatoes can knock you out of Ketosis but I'm still in so maybe the citric acid doesn't bother me.

I've been trying so hard today and I've just had the soup and bar which I was hoping to save till a little later but was so close to just going out for fast food that I thought it would help but I'm still craving.

I'm managing to put them off for now but I never realized just how hard this would be, I thought I could quit the junk food at any time and it wouldn't bother me but I was really wrong and this is harder than I ever imagined it would be.

Still, on the upside I'm TS so far today and hopefully things will get easier as time goes on.........

Hey Precious,

Thanks, holding strong so far - thinking of having a *really* early night just to make sure I don't do anything silly!

Hopefully I'll be used to TS before long and my body will forget about all the horrible, disgusting junk food that I consumed to make it this way! :)


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Oh yes early night is the best thing to do... Once your in ketesis u will be full of energy .. All the best for tomm x
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Hi Mr Kent

Welcome to the boards. how did you get on last night?

I am on day 6 and had a WS day yesterday, a couple of pieces of cheese and a small bowl of bolognaise instead of one of my packs. My mind just went into overdrive and as soon I stepped in the house from work, I had to eat.

Still feeling good, still in ketosis so the fat burning is ongoing

good luck for today xx
Hi All,

Not had chance to even pop on the boards with work lately (why does it seem to get in the way of my life? ;) )

Just thought I'd post and let everyone know how things were going.

Firstly, I absolutely suck at TS - I mean it, I seriously suck. I've barely managed two days TS without having food! I just don't have the willpower for it - I'll have my shake with me at lunch and have that religously so no fast-food lunch at work but I'm having a meal in the evenings.

That meal has been a choice from the various fast food outlets! However, I've made quite a few lifestyle changes such as:

1.) Switching from regular Coke to Coke Zero. I drink about 8 cans a day so this saved me 1,144 calories!
2.) Having a shake at lunch rather than a large big mac meal with a McDonald's shake which saves me another 1411 calories!
3.) Portion size, when I'm having fast food or home cooked food - I'm getting a lot better at making much smaller portions. I slipped up the other day and made a portion almost the size I used to eat and I couldn't eat it - and, more importantly, I didn't want to eat it.

Just these changes have meant that from starting a month ago at 204lbs, I'm now 193lbs which is 11lbs in 4 weeks. I'm quite happy with that really, and it's an inch and a half off my waistline (where I store most fat, like the typical guy!).

Anyways, I don't know what the moral of this is - I suppose it's just that TS really isn't for everyone but even if you feel bad for not sticking with TS then you can still beat the weight. You just need to find the method that suits you as an individual.

I'm pretty sure I have now :)