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Day 3 and grumpy


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please tell me if i get through today i will feel better tomorrow i am tired, thirsty and really grumpy no headaches yet so i must be drinking enough.

i am not feeling to hungry today but i am not looking forward to my soup tonight its a bit hard to stomach think i would of been better off ordering more sweet shakes.

but i am not giving in this time i will not let the naughty fat fairy that live in my head win today :D
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yeah it will get better - honestly. My hubby was almost in tears on day 3 but hes now at end of week 2, and other than "bored" he's alright!


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good my hubby has just started slim fast so thats helping a little bit as it wasn't helping yesterday when his lunch looked so good lol i am trying to keep busy to
Oh Kerry, today is hard isnt it. I find visualisation techniques are good.
Not the usual picture your body, now picture it smaller guff, I mean proper daydreams.
Think about your usual holiday, imagine sitting on your usual lounger/deckchair/camping chair whatever your style, and wearing something fab, bathing costume, sarong, imagine the drink, imagine the admiring glances and the feeling of being confident, rather than hiding away. My image is of me lying in the shade of my caravan on our lounger chairs in a bather, sun hat on, sipping a long lime and diet lemonade... kids playing in the sunshine, ahhhhh
We will get through this third day, my belly is rumbling at the moment. I keep telling it to stop whinging as it has been spoilt over the last 11 years, and now I am getting my way. lol


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my tummy is feeling strange today it was rumbling last night.
i am trying to visualize nice pictures of me which does work during the day its between 7-10pm i struggle but thats when i would normally snack so i know its coming i suppose.
i haven't weighed myself since i saw my CDC and i am kind of looking forward to my WI on thursday i hope its good
Kerry berry....
I am on day 7 and starting to feel better ... so hang in there:p
I'm getting weighed on day 10 so hopefully we will both have good news.. I l;ike your fat fairy idea. Mine is a pacman munching on all my flab. I have cut out a picture to stick on my computer at work to remind me what good work he is doing!!! ( OMG how sad do I sound??)

Keep up the good work, have a shake when your tum rumbles. I have to say I'm not hungry but I do go through that"I need something to eat when Im bored" feeling..

We are doing GREAT!!!!


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you don't sound sad visual aids are brill

day 7 seems so far away but lucky i have a busier week next week so i am hoping that will make it easier.


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Kerry..
Hang in there hon...... Your doing fab... If it didnt get better we wouldnt all be here now........... Honestly it does get better.. Day 3 for me was my worst day I felt dizzy and thought I cant do this I took lots of water and had some neurofen and from there I have never looked back.. I am now on Week 15 and 4 stone down and I love the cambridge diet it has really changed my life..
I also say visulise yourself in a dress that you want to be in or a bikini on the beach ...... and you will get there you can do it..
Your on the way to being slim x


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I'm only day 11 but feel fantastic (seriously!) on this now

First 2 days were bit rubbish but after that felt fabby.

Good luck x
Hang in there! I am also on day 3 and I do feel ok :confused:

Today I have only had 2 coffees and one shake. But what I have been doing is mixing a bit of the vanilla shake with cold water to make a paste then adding the coffee and boiling water and it's like a cappuchino. I hope I'm allowed to do this?

So I have one meal replacement left. I too have been dreading the soup so I am just going to have another shake later.

Last night though I did make the leek and potato and added some black pepper. It was not too bad and far nicer than the broccoli and cheese, which was rank!

Try to get to bed asap to avoid the temptation? I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.

Good luck to Tinka too! Come on girls we can do it!!! (I will be the one feeling rubbish tomorrow probablly :().


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i am hanging on in there just i have just done the family tea and i am soooo hungry but can't face a soup today but if i have another shake that leaves me with 2 soups for another day i should of eaten it for lunch never mind come on my fellow 3 dayers not long now
i am hanging on in there just i have just done the family tea and i am soooo hungry but can't face a soup today but if i have another shake that leaves me with 2 soups for another day i should of eaten it for lunch never mind come on my fellow 3 dayers not long now
Make it up really watery and just neck it! The more water you add, the less disgusting it will be, shove some pepper on it, and it will soon be gone.
Know how you feel though, I have had two things today, and both I didnt like. Trouble with being new to the plan i guess.

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