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Day 3 and I ate a bit of toast, i could cry.

Hi everyone. I feel so depressed after feeling so good last night. Its day 3 and I ate toast the kids left over... Man I just dont know what I was thinking. It was there and it was like habit. Though as I took the first bite I knew it was wrong but I just carried on... I swear I feel I've let myself down so badly... Gutted. I wanted to be honest with you guys. :(
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Hi hun,
I no exactly how hard it is and i know you have slipped slightly, but just get straight back on it. You can do it!!!
Say 3 hail Marys and 1 Our father . Its only a bit of toast and you are only human just dont do it again EVER.
Seriously everyone knows how hard it is and I bet all of us will slip. You only fail if you don't carry on. So chin up and best foot forward
It's only a bit of toast. You can easily come back from this! Just keep on with the shakes until the end of the week and you will still have lost weight despite the toast incident! Whatever you do, don't think to yourself that you have 'failed' now and go on to have more to eat. Take back the power from NOW and see if you can get through the rest of the day without anything else apart from shakes, water etc. At the end of this first week you will feel fab for doing it and get a nice buzz when the scales go down!

Jemmy, don't beat yourself up. Temptation is so hard to resist and it takes an iron will in the first week to stay 100%. But as the others say, get straight back up in the saddle and take the control back and you'll be delighted with yourself! DON'T GIVE UP NOW! We need u in our gang xx

x S


Determind dieter :D
Well done for admitting it :eek:) but don't beat yourself up over it. Its not easy to stick to this kinda regime, don't panic over 1 slip up. As my school report always said ..could do better ~lol~ been here and eaten that ;o) carry on as normal your doing well so far :eek:) don't lose sight of the end goal! x x x

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