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Day 3 and I nearly caved in at the cinema!

Hi all - just saying hi and day 3 nearly over!
However - this was my first day out of the house since I started this mad diet and it was sooooooooooo hard.
Everywhere I went there were people eating food - smells, burger king, mackie.d's, chinese, indian omg so much food and so many smells.
Didn't have the kids so decided to go to the pics to see I am Legend (good film!) and took ages persuading my OH NOT to buy any popcorn or nachos. They were definately calling to me "eat me, eat me!"lol
I was absolutely salivating and found it really difficult but..... I didn't give in in the end and am glad about that.
I bought some keytosticks from the chemist Superdrug - £8.50 for 50 sticks and couldn't help myself and peed on one when we got home!!!!lol
Sadly - it didn't seem to have changed colour much - was between negative and trace so don't think I'm there yet. Also, am still feeling really hungry so probably got a way to go. It is only day 3 after all so might take a bit longer to get there.
I pray for this week to be over and to have a successful weigh in next Friday which encourages me to keep going.
Perhaps I am hoping for too much too soon but then I always was impatient!
How do you all cope with the smells in town or do you stay clear? Do you ever stop craving when you smell food? I swear I could smell donuts today and they are my weakness (or used to be!!!)lol
Well done to everyone who has managed yet another day.
Tansy xxx:wave_cry:

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Hi Tansy, well done on getting through day 3 - for me the first 3 days were by far the hardest, after that it has been (almost) plain sailing!

I personally now do not crave food - I can quite happily cook for my family and walk past food shops in town without feeling tempted - I guess I'm so focussed on reaching my goal that I don't want to do anything that will jeopardise my success!

I've never used ketosticks myself but I'm sure I've read that any colour change, no matter how small, means you are in ketosis? If not I'm sure you will be by tomorrow - if you wake up with a carpet mouth that's a sure sign lol! I find that drinking more water helps if I feel a bit hungry.

Keep going x
Corinne x
Well done on getting through day 3 and for resisting at the cinema that's brilliant!!!!!!


Ditto Iwillsucceed, I was at the pictures tonight watching I Am Legend!!!
I start CD on Monday but I have been 'no-carbs' for a week in preparation, I had to make to with water....and when that was finished...chewing the bottle ;o)
Don't know about you, but did you notice that the sound of people muching was louder than usual???
And the smell of fresh popcorn was soooooo strong in the foyer!!!!!
Well done IWillsucced, I think the first week is the more difficult one, this is day 10 for me and even though it doesn't bother me too much that people are eating around me, I can really smell food at really great distance....lol. It seems to me just like when your are quitting smoking.......I find that everywhere I look that is food or someone eating...........But keep going, you are doing great...............
:break_diet:Well now I feel so so so bad. Cause I went to the piccies yesterday with the Kids, and took them a goodie bag from their Christmas goodies. Didnt pack one for myself, but when I got there I couldnt help but dig in. Then the day got worse. Oh dear, thats bad. And I didnt feel hungry as I was on day 6, it was defo emotional hunger.

So all in all I fell of the wagon. Bad Bad Bad.

Do you think I will have to go through those first few days again. Oh My Oh My.


Strong women stay slim
First wee should be morning , you might be in K already .
Yes , why is it we tend to notice smells more . I guess its just because we are missing out, for now , not long term . Stay strong you can do this !
Jools, I don't think the first 3 days will be as bad as the first time, but you might still get a wee headache. Get glugging your water and flush it through and you'll be back in ketosis soon.

IWBS - well done for resisting, that must have been difficult as you kinda relate watching the moving to eating the junk, so big pat on the back to you.
Firstly - well done!!

I found in my first week that Ketosis was intermittent at first when testing with the strips - week 2 BOOM.. mega ketosis :)
It gets easier after week 2 guys when you can have the bars! They are like a treat and you can take them cinema etc!!! Jools don't beat yourself up, just get back on track and move on, its done!

Cut the ketostix in half lengthwise and you will double the amount you have ...how much do you need to pee on to see if your ketosis or not????:D

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