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Day 3, attempt 2 TS

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Lindzz, 3 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lindzz

    Lindzz Well-Known Member

    This is technically the second time I'm embarking on this journey as the first time I lasted four days and was in a foul mood for the duration of it. Today is day 3 and it's going well so far I think! (I'm ignoring the 2 slices of pizza I ate last night as they came up straight away :/). I just need tips and advice and am hoping there is someone out there in the same boat as me...I'm a chef so it makes it harder to control my habits.
    Thankyou x
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  3. TAUPE

    TAUPE Well-Known Member

    Hi Lindzz. Good luck. You can do this. I'm on day 8 and though it has been fine for me, you do have to stay focused on why you are doing this. I am around food and cook in my work as well and I just try and distance myself mentally that that is other people's food. Think about why you ate the pizza in the first place? Was it worth it? When you next are tempted - here me with a megaphone saying "Step away from the pizza". After years of being so overweight i am using this as an opportunity to turn on its head my unhealthy relationship with food. We can do this - just take it one step at a time! Use the forum as a great support system too.
  4. Lindzz

    Lindzz Well-Known Member

    Thanks taupe. I guess I need to get the cravings and appetite under control. Won't cave in today that's for sure! Off to buy lots of sparkling water and bouillon! :)
  5. zara877

    zara877 Well-Known Member

    Hiya hope you dont mind. But where do you buy bouillon from?
  6. Lindzz

    Lindzz Well-Known Member

    I just got marigold bouillon from holland and Barrett. Tried in sainsburys but nothing. Can't wait to try it! I opted for the vegan one as it has less cals and fat in it :)
  7. zara877

    zara877 Well-Known Member

    Thankz xx wil try that
  8. TAUPE

    TAUPE Well-Known Member

    Hi Zara it is usually with the gravy granules and stock cubes in the supermarket in a little tub. It is a powder you mix with hot water. May help with any savoury cravings or the need for a hot drink other than tea/coffee.
  9. zara877

    zara877 Well-Known Member

    Thanks taupe. As I wasnt quite sure what I was meant to be looking for lol x thnx
  10. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Well-Known Member

    My honest opinion is that you've just got to pretend the food doesn't exist, you simply can't have it..... It seems harsh (& I don't mean it like that) but if you do keep eating bits then you'll just find the diet harder as you're in and out of ketosis.

    Best of luck with it :)

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