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day 3 down! day 4 to go

So completed day 3 today and iv got to say so far so good. Iv had a little headache n quite thirsty but nothing major. Think it may have something to do with the wk from hell on lipotrim. After the side effects on that anythiing else is manageable for me haha

I'm not entirely convinced I'm doin it all by the book but I'm hopin for the best. Iv not cheated and I'm not craving carbs. I'm finding it hard to believe though that eatin what I am will let me lose weight. I never would eat sausage and egg for breakfast usually, most of the time its a cpl of slices of toast.

My typical diet has been


2 eggs/handfull of mushrooms or 2 low carb sausages with eggs


Salad, 30g mayo, 30g cheese, tuna


Salad,, 30g feta or cheddar cheese with pork or ham!


3 coffees using 2 teaspoons of cream in each

Well fingers crossed it works for me like it has done for many of you xx
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all sounds good .......... just keep it up xx
well done!

just one thought though, rather than 2 salads a day, try salad for lunch then green veg for dinner, more fibre and roughage that way.
My aim for today then, veg for tea. Thanks for the advice. Was pure laziness on my behalf last night. Cooked veg for the family but when I got round to myself had that CBA attitude on me haha

think I may have spoke to soon about how easy I am finding it, woke up this morning at 5am absolutely ravenous! Fortunately I like my sleep a lot more than I like food so didn't get out of bed!!
me on day 4 too good luck am eating loads and scared
had quick peek on scales today and not too good so far
keep wondering if i eating too much salad
I'm keepin up with your progress hun!! Hopefully its all going well! I'm not having that problem yet, through the wk its usually if I get chance to eat lunch I'm so busy running around. The big test will be this wkend. Takeaway, wine and lots and lots of cakes are my vice. If I can get through this wknd I'll b pleased. Keep it up anyway x
oh this is my first weekend on it too, omg how to stay away from wine and nice crisps and rubbish food
good luck
Ooohh yes to both!! Haha I sound like a lush. Please tell me you've got some secret recipe up ya sleeve which means I can have a cheeky few on this diet x that and I like gettin a chiicken and lamb kebab from the local takeaway. Do u think I eat that if I held the naan and sauce and just got the meat and salad. Its only breast meat with tikka seasoning and lamb done on skewers???


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Ooohh yes to both!!
you can have vodka or gin with diet mixer - no carbs!!!! (oops did i really type that - bad influence).and red wine ( a dry one) is about 10 carbs for the bottle. it DOES slow down your weight loss though.
and kebab is fine :) garlic sauce is ok, just be wary on the salad (sometimes they put sugar on it) and chilli sauce.

how good is this diet...vodka, gin and kebab!
so u can have vodka with diet coke say or best with soda???

r u sure its ok

i love vodka yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

omg i forgot about kebabs so its ok to have like a doner or best stick to skewers??

oh i love this diet


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I always have doner yummy and plenty garlic sauce.
yes i have v and diet coke or v and tonic (slimline of course). the citric acid in the mixers may cause stall though, but try it out and if you dont stall..happy days!!!!!
you will notice a lot of us on here drink a lot. its probably the best diet if you like alcohol!
i cant belive u can have garlic sauce with kebab too and doner omg i am in heaven
and vodka is my best friend and to b able to have it on this diet is even better
i am one happy lady
omg is this finally the diet that will work for me


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Be aware that your loss will almost certainly be slower if you're drinking though - your body uses alcohol as fuel before it uses fat. Atkins recommends not drinking on induction.
Here in Atkins land toast is more fattening than sausage and egg.

Welcome to the matrix

:worthy: Dr Atkins

Be aware that your loss will almost certainly be slower if you're drinking though - your body uses alcohol as fuel before it uses fat. Atkins recommends not drinking on induction.

That's why I don't drink! Would drive me insane knowing the fat burning had stopped.


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Luckily I hate the taste of most alcohol and the feeling of being drunk! Which makes 'avoid alcohol' very easy for me' to say and vodka etc is definitely better than having a few pints - but avoiding as much as possible and especially for the first two weeks is a really good idea.

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