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Day 3 + exercise = Oh dear!!

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So yesterday was Day 3, I woke up feeling really tired and had no energy at all. I had Netball in the evening (2 matches 40 mins each) When my OH half came home from work he took one look at me and was like "oh dear you don't look too good!" Charming! But he was right I felt awful. So even though he told me not to I went and played netball anyway and thought I was going to pass out I felt weak and by the end could hardly keep myself up. Got home and went straight to bed, wondering if I could actually carry on with this. :sigh:

So this morning I have got up and gone straight to this website to try and get my motivation back.... and thank you everyone for you inspirational posts it is keeping me going. I do not want to complain anymore especially when people have been without food for months and I have only been doing it a few days!!!

So think I will just chill out today before work tomoz and try to build my energy back up again.

So just to let anyone out there know if you exercise on Day 3 it might be v v hard!!!!:eek:
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Back on the diet train...
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hey hun moan if you need to, its what this site is for aswell. ;) the first week is hard anyway and you feel weak without including exercise. dont overdo it with the exercise though until you properly into the diet hun.

ive been on this 7 weeks now and i can have days where i can walk the dogs for ages and dont feel a thing then others i feel weak and get a dizzy head. i always carry water with me now so that helps. :)

good luck for the rest of the week, a chill out sounds like a great plan!! :) wish i could chill today!!

let us know how you get on!!


ps welcome to the forum!! :D
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I have been doing loads of exercise as I play football so i have training for 1.5 hours 3 times a week and its pretty intense the first week was pretty tough energy levels were low but feel fine at training now. I try to have 2 of my shakes and drink at least 4 litres of water before training and 1 shake after to boost back up the energy levels afterwards. Stick with it it definitely gets easier
S: 13st1lb G: 9st7lb
Thanks guys,

Summerslimmer, great idea about haaving the last shake after the training, I could have done with a boost last night when I got home, I even needed help getting up the stairs!!!

I am going to try and carry on with Netball I do it twice a week and I think it will be my life line whilst on this diet, but like you say Bex I will try and take it a bit easy and not overdo it.

I will let you know how I get on on Monday.... weigh in day!


Here we go again!
Hi Deerah. I was advised not to do any exercise the first week on this cos our bodies just can't cope.

I would take it easy next time and ease yourself back into it if you can. I've nearly done week 7 and can do 2 sessions at the gym, one badminton night and lots of walking. Just listen to your body and if it says stop, stop! Good luck for your first weigh in.


Wants it Gone!
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Hey Deerah welcome!! As everyone has said I would too avoid exercise in the first week but also listen to your body- if it is too exhausted dont push it- trust me you will have bags of energy soon enough. I play badminton during the week and I find that having a shake an hour (or maybe 30 mins before) I go and play helps me get through it and I dont feel weak or lightheaded.. Im not sure if that would help next time you play. Oh and also I bring a 2litre bottle of water with me and it's gone because I feel Im really thristy when I play than I ususally was.

Anyway hope that helps and best of luck next week xx

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