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Day 3-feel like crap!


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Well I'm
On day 3 of cd and I feel like poo! Mouth is horrible and a lingering headache all day taken paracetamol but not shifted it, feel tired/exhausted even is this right? Think I've gone well upro now I'm still cooking for the kids and nothing not even a luck of a finger has passed my lips! Almost done my water for the day but if I can have more I will, just hope this feeling passes
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Well done for getting to day three, one day at a time and before you know it you will have done 12 weeks!

I'm starting tomorrow :( have done the Cambridge two times before and as painful as it was The results are amazing!

How much do you want to lose? x


yummy mummy in the making
Hi it was actually only day 2 yesterday I'm day three today! Poops!
I am 17st 5lbs and want to be 11st I'm tall at 5ft 11 so I've got 6st 5lb to lose seems in achievable! Had to go to my CDC today and swap some packs got the chilli soup and it's gonna be a life saver I love it! Jumped on the scales and they said if only lost 3lbs abit gutted and almost gave up earlier but I'm gonna ride it out!
3 pounds and your only on day 3, that's brilliant. Just think, it'd take you at least a week to lose that on any other diet! Don't give up, if we give up then we'll have to go through the pain of starting again at some point, if I'd just stuck to it the last two times then I wouldn't be in this position now!

Time will pass regardless and we don't want to be 12 weeks down the line wishing we'd have stuck to it, we want to be smiling cos we're 3 or 4 stone down, we'll be like new women!!

6 stone is more than achievable, you'll be slim by the time summer is here, this is the perfect time to do it, who wants to be drinking shakes in the summer when we should be relaxing at bbq's with a glass of wine!

Stick with it and if you feel like giving in then we have to spur each other on, nobody else understands like the people on here, if we stick together then we'll get there in the end! x


yummy mummy in the making
Thanks so much for that reply you have just said what my heart is telling me! Posted on my Facebook profile an hour ago and had so much negativity I wish I hadn't! I can lose this, and I will lose this! I knew the first week would be hard and I can't wait for my first weigh in!
Thanks so much the supports here is just what I need and I think that's why I've failed before coz I've never had support!
Love u all xxxx
Glad your feeling a bit better, I'm sure we'll feel stronger the more time that passes...the first weigh in will be a huge boost!

Ignore everyone else, my friends were saying the same the last two times I've done it but this time I've tried to make them understand just how down I am and now they're being supportive - ish! :)

I'm fed up of being the fat one of the group and they're all slim, it's like I'm their comfor blanket or something, as long as they're slimmer than me it's ok! Well I'm taking control and I'm going to be the thin and fit one...I live them all but they can be so frustrating sometimes!

Good on you for sticking with it, post on here instead of facebook and we'll make you feel better and spur you on rather than being negative....roll on day 4, we'll soon be on week 4! :)


Why Be Normal?
Hi LancsGirl and Destination 119 --

Hang in there. It does get easier -- the diet does work, and D119 is right. Post here. We "get you" -- slim people won't. They might even be threatened by you changing your role (you're no longer the "fat friend", the "fatter sister", the "comfortable mum", etc.).

I lost 5 stone in 2008 -- kept it off for about a year -- then slowly regained and yoyo'd all of last year (10lbs off, 10lbs back...). Then, after Christmas I knew I had gained over 1/2 the weight back -- and was almost obese again -- and I decided to really come back and commit.

I'm in this until I reach goal -- and then I will fight harder to maintain my losses.

I am on Day 18 of ssing -- but Day 11 since I first weighed (I dieted a week before I ever stepped on a scale... I just did not want to know).

Anyway, my first "Official" week I lost 3 pounds. Not "only" three pounds -- WHOOPEE I LOST 3 POUNDS!!!! That is 3 off and about 30 more to go (2 1/2 stonesish). But, I can do this -- and so can you.

Now, the bad taste is your mouth is part of ketosis -- brush, use mouthwash, buy those mouth sprays, etc. and drinking all your water is important and does help with that a bit.

I fatigue, hunger, etc. should dissapate once you are in ketosis and with time you relaly do lose interest in food consumption, for the most part.

I know that for me -- if I can make it through the first week... then I can stick it out.

Thanks for that, it will be a good post to look back to on bad days! Can't wait until I can say I'm on day 18, seems so far away but I'm feeling positive so bring it on!

I'm also going to fight harder to maintain the loss this time, I've let it slip far too easily before...as good and effective as Cambridge is, I don't want subject myself to it every year, this is the last time!

To think that I can solve all the stresses I've had about my weight in 12 short weeks is incredible!


Why Be Normal?
To think that I can solve all the stresses I've had about my weight in 12 short weeks is incredible!

That's the right attitude -- "12 short weeks". As the days get longer and weather better (I hope) -- the time will fly!!!

Destination 119! said:
who wants to be drinking shakes in the summer when we should be relaxing at bbq's with a glass of wine!
No wonder your still around here lololol

He he, well said! What I meant was by then we should be at goal eating a quorn low fat burger and a diet lemonade spritzer! :)
Oh no, I'm useless at those....hmmm, ROTFL, what does that stand for!? :)
ROTFL = Rolling on the Floor Laughing

In otherwords -- you got busted and had to backtrack regarding the "wine and burgers" comment.

Ha, right I'll remember that one from now on, apart from the usual lol etc I'm useless at those, I must be getting old! :)
I was on the shakes last year during the summer and BBQ season and it was sheer hell, my family take any excuse to have a BBQ and I was stuck on the shakes, it's so much easier to do this time of year when nobody is doing anything anyway!
Hi Destination 119 --

I just noticed that you were new to the forum and I wanted to welcome you and thank you for joining (so, I "hit" the thanks button). ;)

You family sounds a bit cruel -- or maybe they just were a bot thoughtless. My DD (dear daughter) LOVES barbeques... and so, I will be happy to be at goal when the warmer days are here and we are grilling. Fortunately, I love several Low GI cookbooks and barbeque and make good choices.

I'll do chicken kabobs, etc. fresh salads... almost no carbs and certainly no white carbs. I'll make fruit salad for dessert. And, we are not big drinkers -- so a white wine spritzer should be okay (but not the whole bottle of wine!) ;)

Ah, thanks for that, it's nice to be made to feel welcome! :)
Ha, they're not cruel, they're great. I turn into a bit of a feeder when I'm on the Cambridge, suggesting everyone eats what I'd like to! Also, I always pretend that I'm not concerned even if I'm having a bad day to stop people saying to come off it if it makes me feel down etc. My mum has always had issues with her weight so she supports all my diets, regardless of how crazy they seem, you name it, I've tried it! :) x


yummy mummy in the making
Well day 4 and things are better! Not as bad head and not hungry! Was so tempted yesterday and I was so proud when I got in besmirch night nothing passed my lips that should have! Were going away last week of may and I just so want not to feel out of place and stared at! If I'm
Looked at I want it to be because of nice clothes or nice hair or a nice figure! Not posting on my fb anymore really annoyed me and my oh when he saw it!
Anyway day four is going great and not even steppes on scales !


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Just wanted to ask something about going to Starbucks they do a green tea with spearmint is that allowed?


yummy mummy in the making
Well I'm about to give up! Not sure if I'm just not well or this diet isn't for me, I'm shaking very bad head and dizzy, has anyone had this?