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day 3 helppppppp

i was doing well until i woke up to the dinner dishs still on the kitchen table and i ate one of the kids freezing cold roast spuds!!!:confused: y i have no idea i just couldnt help myself now im thinking i may as well eat the house as this will effect my weight loss? so i have jumped on here wile my husband cleans the kitchen after me eating the head of him :cry::cry::cry::cry::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:
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Just try and remember why you are on lipotrim in the first place, I am on day 5 at the moment, I had to go to cash and carry on day 3, That was such a struggle! I managed to get through it, still 100% and feel so good about it! I am sure next time you will be able to resist, and you will feel so great about it too :)
try not to beat yourself up about it you are not the only one to have a little hiccup, just be positive that you are back on track
:)thanks im so disapointed in myself , i think it was after having a nap i woke feeling really drained and just give in, im sure (hope) it wont effect my weight loss

well done 4 u :)
Don't be disappointed, It is early days for you yet, it does take some time to get used to, I gave up smoking about 6 months ago, I am all for the struggle! Lol!


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Hello Sassypantz (great name btw) don't beat yourself up - just jump straight back on the wagon - don't eat the house. If kids leftovers are a problem for you, just buy some cheapie washing up liquid or salt and smother the leftovers so they're not tempting. It'll get so much easier when ketosis kicks in. It really does work, you will be slim if you keep going.
kathyran wow you r brave giving upo smoking and doing lipotrim hope ur doing well my husband give up smoking last year and i found him really hard to live with lol but hes back on them now and really regrets starting up again

Goingtobeskinnybyxmas also a great name, thanks thats a really good tip i have told my husband and kids what ever they dont eat get it in the bin or put washing-up over it guess which the kids will do lol thanks :)
Giving up smoking was step one to my new life, But looking at dates (for inspiration!) I found out it has been a year since I last smoked. That helps too :) I really hope you will find a solution to your problem and stay strong! That washing up liquid thing sounds like a plan. Hoping it will work for you :)


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Hey dont give up over 1 lousy potato........put it behind you now and try to keep focused on what you really want........to be in those smaller size clothes........I cant wait to be able to walk into any shop and buy off the rail......

Be strong ...you can do this x
thanks so much 4 reminding me why im doing this and that yes i can do it, the lousy spud is 4got abt lol, i feel more in control to night thanks

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