Day 3! Need Some Buddysss xx


going to do it this time!
hellooo everybody! x

day 3 today!
Just had my apple && cinnamon porridge.. ohh btw (is it ok to have it quite thick) i always have mine thick! Don't like runny things lol!!

I was naughty last night & had half a jacket potato.. felt sooo bad afterwards!!
Just going to be good now, until friday, for my weigh in!!

Really need some diet buddys.. to keep me motivated!! Comee on everyone.. PM me for my msn!!

Lots of love
Sineadddd x x x x x
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Im with you all the way love.

I love the new porridge
i'm on day 5 of CD and feeling tired and moody but not give in yet... what do i mean yet!! i'm not going to give in!!! i find the porradge quite hard to swallow but just wash it down with water. the jacket potatoe was not a good idea hun as it is full of carbs and will make it hard to get into ketosis... but we all have our slip ups so don't beat your self too much, take each day as a new one and work hard at being good.... after all it for a good cause... yourself!!


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S: 16st9lb G: 11st0lb

I have just started day one today!!!
I am already dreaming of food. I have made my daughter some jellies and I found myself sniffing the liquid before I poured it into dishes. I think I will feel worse later when I cook tea, but i am really going to give it 100% one day at a time.

At the moment I only have soups and shakes, may ask about the porridge next week.

Keep strong!x
i'm on day 5 and think i'm going insane..... even the dog food looks tempting lol!!! having srange thoughts about food and i think i would eat anything... all the adds on T.V for food make me worse i really have to occupy my mind and drink lots of water..... is it wrong to want to take food out of the bin? lol!!! the thoughts in my head!!! NOT that i would but the thought is there. What a strange week i'm having. i have to laugh at the thoughts, but i understand why "real" starving people will eat anything.


going to do it this time!
bigtummymummy.. the jacket potato wasnt a problem as i went back in to ketosis not long after! And i feel great now :):) Lost about 6lb so far this week, and not getting weighed until friday! :)
I am on day 5 and have lost 1 stone, so far, but i was big as a bear.
I have tried the porridge and the soups but they just made me gag.
I am sticking to just the shakes now.
It is hard but think how you will feel and look at the end.
No pain No gain as they say!!
I am now calling myself Fat girl Slim!!!!!