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Day 3 on Lipotrim! :D

Okay, so I am on day 3 & feeling drained, fed up & hungry today.. The food in my boyfriends fridge was killing me so I had to weigh myself to make myself feel a little better & I am 4lbs down which has cheered me up big time. Can't wait for weigh day now.. :)
I've just joined this site & I can tell it's going to help me so much, the before & after pictures are a huge boost, loving the site already. :)
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just keep persevering and you will get your weigh-in reward.

Just take care not to set too much store by non-official scales - you may well not lose exactly what they say, but you will still lose :)
It's usually 3-5 days I got told so worth struggling for.. :)
Good luck! :D x

I weighed myself on the Boots scales so a little more accurate, any weight is better than none at all :) xx
just keep persevering and you will get your weigh-in reward.

Just take care not to set too much store by non-official scales - you may well not lose exactly what they say, but you will still lose :)
I did it at the Boots scales, I don't have scales at my house as they just use to depress me.. :) Any is better than none anyway, hehe :D
Hi Steph and welcome to the forum.

Well done on the 4lb loss on 3 days!

Ketosis hasn't kicked in yet. You're going through sugar and carb withdrawals, and your body is adjusting to LT. That's the reason for the drained, tired, hungry feelings. Take heart as those will pass rapidly in the next few days. When ketosis kicks in you'll feel like a new woman! After your first weigh in you'll have so much strength and resolve. Food in the fridge won't bother you at all. You'll amaze yourself.

This forum is a life saver! If ever you feel down or feel yourself slipping, pop on here and there will always be someone here to support or advise. I could not have done this without the gorgeous people on here.

Remember food is a fuel not a comfort and you're getting all your body needs in your yummy LT shakes.

Looking forward to your first week weigh in.

Oh yeah, stay away from non official scales! Only weigh yourself once a week in the chemist so as not to get too obsessed or disappointed. No two scales are the same!

Hi steph and debs..

You seem to be going through the worse of it.. you should be over it soon.. and then its wake up.. and feel normal..and NOT hungry... then its all go from there...

Keep with it.. your nearly over it.......

I am on week 2... I can still remember feeling fed up and hungry and tired and moany.. I gave up on day 2 on my first try..

I kicked myself as 2nd time around it was all over by day 3...

4lb is a good loss, thats roughly what i lost on day 3... so keep going!!!

(8 x 1/2 lbs of butter ... ) dats alot...

Best of luck and may your losses be big ones!!!
Debs & Steph,

Stay strong for just another day or two, you will feel 100% better once ketosis has kicked in.
Focus on your first weigh-in, that will spur you both on!

Good luck, hope you both have great losses!

Clair x
Well I have weigh in tomorrow morning 10am. Can't wait. I feel great and have loads of energy and hunger pangs have definitely gone. I'm doing this with a friend so we are really supporting each other and weighing in together - friendlt rivalry call it lol. Think this forum is brilliant and is a great help to me !! Hopefully will log in tomorrow with some good news :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Ladies, you will both be fine once you get through to your weigh in. The buzz from your first official weigh in is just fab!! Wait and see!!
hey guys good luck for your first weigh in i agree about the weighing yourself i did it last week an boy was i annoyed wen i hadnt lost dat amount wen i had my offical weigh in. its better for your confidence and ability to go forward if you have something to look forward to thats why the offical weigh in is so good for this diet.

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