Day 3 on SS weight loss?????


Help... I am on day 3 of SS.. my CDC told me to weigh myself everyday to keep themotivation up because i should lose weight on Monday Day weigh my start weight was 13st 13lb...On tuesday after 1 day on SS i was 13st iwas very chuffed...however this morning i am back upto 13st 13lb!!! i could have cried.. and i have NOT cheated i have had the 3 drinks and then around 3.5ltr water..has this happend to anyone before or is this normal?? please any advice? xxxx
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im suprised a CDC would tell u to weigh daily. U need to leave it for the week...or at least a few days between. weight fluxes all the time but over the course of a will come off. dont feel downhearted as it will lead u to thinking "sod it" and you'll attack the fridge. u could weigh tomorrow, find u've lost 5lbs then the day after, have added 1 or 2. it needs to be left for the week and i promise, u will have had a good weight loss.

theres just no human way u can eat only 3000 calories a week and NOT lose weight!!

in 4 days, if u stick wit it and put the scales'll be back here gloating about a huge, suprising weight loss for ur first week. keep at it. the first week is the hardest but u r doing it perfectly. just hang in there and it'll happen.



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You will definately lose weight on this diet, try to focus on your main goal not the amounts in between and you will see that weight drop off. I gave my scales to my sister to stop myself weighing all the time, i suggest getting rid of them and only weighing once a week when you see your cdc. Goodluck and dont give up.


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Hiya Hunnie..

Dont worry honestly, as said already you can't NOT lose on this diet, my weight can stay the same all week and then in 24hrs I can lose 3-4lb.. my body seems to love to hold onto water like a camel!

Well done for getting to day 3, stay strong and the scales will reflect your determination :)


thanks guys for your support, I was shocked also when my CDC told me to weigh myself everyday...Unfortunatley I cant get rid of my scales because when the CDC brought her scales she said they wasnt very good and very unpredictable??so she suggested I use my own! but i was really was very dis-heartened when the scales had moved back up this morning.....i think i will try stay off them now..xxxxthanks


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As a CDC I tell my clients not to weigh themselves - but to wait until they come and see me each week. This is because your body weight can fluctuate daily - water retention, if you've been to the loo, etc etc

However as a fellow dieter - I do weigh myself every day!! (Do as I say not as I do!!) but it's hard for me to put my scales in the attic as i need them each day for work!! But on days wehn my weight doesn't go down - or even goes up, I'm realistic enough to know why and sure enough the next weigh in normally brings a downward movement on the scales.

Try to limit your weighing if you can .... but as others have said if you stick to 3packs and plenty of water you can not fail but lose weight on this diet.

Good luck!