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Day 3 - Struggling

S: 16st9lb C: 15st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 1st1lb(6.44%)
Hi all,

I am now fully in ketosis and struggling on Day 3 - I am really not dealing with the fact that I will never eat food again!!!! Well not for ages and it feels like forever, I dont think I can or want to do this, yes I want to be slim but there must be alternatives.

For example I am in ketosis why cant I have my shakes with a non-carb meal at night, like grilled chicken salad or something, what is wrong with that - anything, I cant think of one.

Help would greatly be apprecaited. Also the only reason I can see for not chewing gum is it will make you hungry but I really need to chew something - I just ate a crumpet!!!!! I am really disappointed and angry at myself for being reduced to this having to diet to such extremes and questioning is it really necessary.

Please send me some guidance.
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If you really need to chew why not make a muffin from your shakes or freeze a tetra and eat it with a spoon, this worked for me when I really had the urge to chew.
I sympathise with you nicola.

Im on day 3 too.

I snapped last night and ate 2 bits of healthy living bacon ( no visible fat) grilled to death.

Im not missing food, but I just wish i wasnt so blo--y hungry.

I had to phone in sick today cos I was feeling so wobbly I needed OH toscrape me off the floor in the night when I went for a wee.

Are you hungry Nicola or just pi**ed off!
Hiya Nicola!

For a start this isn't forever!! It is just for a few months of a longer life and in the grand scheme of things isn't really that long (honest!)

if you check out my diary --> MyCambridgeLife you will see I did a diary from day one of the diet, I hated the first week with a passion, I questioned myself and why I was doing it etc etc but I trusted in others that said stick with it and it gets much much easier after the first week.

And it did!!

And once you are in ketosis the diet becomes a brighter place, you start losing weight fast, buying smaller clothes, looking better, taking compliments and generally getting healthy and you WILL start to enjoy it.

The diet requires willpower in the first week and positivity in the weeks after so please stick with it as this is life changing stuff and you will be so pleased with the results if you can just get tough for a few days.

It it critical though that you don't eat anything as you will slow down or actually stop your body going into ketosis and without ketosis you have no hunger protection and hence the diet can be very tough.

So please stick with it!! Just hang in there and glug the water and by the end of the weekend you will be cooking fat for fun and then get ready to shrink.

Please let yourself do this and be strong

Go for it!



I can do this.
Hi Nicola... i know ssing can be very hard in the first week, when i started i really did'nt think i would make it, i was so hungry and missed food so much, but believe me it does get better and i'm so glad i stuck with it. I've tried every diet under the sun and this is by far the best for losing weight, just give it a little longer and u will be so pleased u did, Good luck.
S: 16st9lb C: 15st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 1st1lb(6.44%)
Oh thank you thank you thank you for your brilliant messages of support they have really helped!!!

Mike = I will read your story you are already inspiring your photos are amazing

Not so little L = yes lets keep each other on the right track!!! We can do it, this is the hard part as everyone says and I know I can get through it.

Had my last shake and nearly finished my 4th litre of water - the crumpet did not knock me out of ketosis so I should be okay for my blip.

I guess it is more feeling pissed off, this happened at the end of a very stressful conference call with work 90 mins long and I thought I need something so lesson there that I was essentially comfort eating - it is coming up with things to do to take your mind off it it that is hard I feel like I have loads of time on my hands which is really strange.

Thanks once again guys,.
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Keep going Nicola

I'm on day 3 too but apart from a small piece of cheese i haven't really wanted anything which is a huge suprise to me cause i love food.

If you want to help each other along the way just let me know
Why don't you try 790 then? Packs plus a small low carb meal. My losses haven't really changed since moving from SS to 790. I feel like a normal person now as I can have milk in my coffee again! YAY!!


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S: 20st0lb C: 16st12lb G: 16st7lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 3st2lb(15.71%)
lukiesgirl is right, try 790 we are a growing group on here !
it is coming up with things to do to take your mind off it it that is hard I feel like I have loads of time on my hands which is really strange.
nicola- how true.

I was thinking about this myself yesterday, I was all at sea. ( on day 2)

Usually, I get up in the morning then tackle sme of last nights washing up, there wasnt any to do as my partner did it all as I crashed out early doors on day 1. then at work, being so bored i usually go to the shop in the morning for some fat&salt to munch on out of boredom. then lunch ( so I have an hour to kill now....) thne on way home sometimes I usually nip to tescos or a shop of some sort to buy something for tea ( more time used on food) then come home and start cooking, then eat, then do some washing up then have pudding regardless whether im hungry or not. then on top of all this theres the menu planning or "big shop" that I usually do once a week, more time given to food. I estimate I spend usually somewhere in the region of 35-40 hours a week! on food & cooking. Almost the same as having another full time job!!!!!

So its no wonder you feel at a loose end, i know i do!

Im going to look into online courses, apparently the OU has some free short courses that I could be whiling away my time on, bettering myself in more ways than one!


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And they tell me day 3 is worse than day 2???????


I'm only on day 2 just been out to both Asda's and Tesco's in the search of a microwave so I can make crisps or muffins ( just moved house and left my super duper one as it was built in):cry:

Found a health food bar in my pocket - broke it up and flushed it down the loo!

Do you know those things float! and don't flush!!

Still gives me something to aim at!!! :vibes:

I've reall got some catching up to do on the water as didn't want to piss myself in thr supermarkets!

Still I got the microwave so I'll experiment in a bit!!
hahaha luke didnt you start on Tuesday as well.

I must have nerves of steel Ive watched 2 cookery progs since starting and I dont feel bothered. :)

Im sure this will pass tho!

Im feeling quite strange actually, I was just doing some washing up and having a little dance to myself then noticed I was almost can-canning hahaha theres no way I was this agile 3 days ago!


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I only started yesterday:(

I thought the bad taste in my mouth was ketosis but more likely the 60 fags I've smoked!!!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Hi guys
I've just restarted CD today... so far so good... started work at 4am this morning, manged to get to 2pm on just a choc mint shake this morning, then had a banana one before a mid afternoon nap.
Tried making the muffins.... what a disaster! so settled for a Tom soup instead!
I have tried CD before, but didnt last long.... but im really gonna stick to it this time, i have set myself goals... im using pictures of me naked stuck to the fridge to keep me out! (Maybe if i put them on the window it will also stop next doors kids playin on my grass!!!!)

I cant wait till I can get into Ketosis so that I dont feel hungry, and so I can add the bars and the water flavour that will help me out loads!
Keep going guys it will get better from now on and keep away from the food...she sez after going out for a 3 course carb fest meal with mum n dad lol however i do not feel guilty as i didn't crave the food but il probably regret it tomorrow as it's WI and im bloated and puffy too lol
S: 11st7lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 0st4lb(2.48%)
Hi guys
im using pictures of me naked stuck to the fridge to keep me out! (Maybe if i put them on the window it will also stop next doors kids playin on my grass!!!!)
I've been approached by mad scientists who want to use my before pics in a revolutionary new weapon of mass destruction :-s
S: 16st9lb C: 15st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 1st1lb(6.44%)
Thanks guys for all your responses these have really helped!! I got an early night last night and that has helped me get out of the Day 3 Nightmare Zone!!! I was so positive up to yesterday my positive attitude has come back full force today - yipee so bring it on.

I have also noticed I am definitely not as bloated and my skin and eyes look clearer all a plus. I am going to get weighed tonight and a two week supply as my CDC is on holiday and I am on business next week.

Food I am not bothered with e.g. cooking etc., I've been doing that everyday for family I responded yesterday to an emotional trigger and basically I was eating to fill an emotional hunger relating to stress, anger etc., I own my power no-one else so if I feel like that again, I am going to ask is this hunger or emotional hunger, because drinking water usually controls normal hunger whereas it doenst help with emotional hunger, so other strategies are needed.

Good luck everyone today, lets all work together to get through it.



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nicola u will do great u have a great attitude towards it, and i can totally relate to emotional hunger if im stressed or upset depressed etc i reach for the food so going on the size i have got myself i have come to the conclusion im one stress bomb! so if u find a way to get over it i wanna know too lol
im on day 1 of re-start so will spend a lot of time on here today no doubt

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