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day 3 x

Hello my name is louise and im on day 3 of the atkins diet.
Its been going ok so far but today i feel really strange and light headed.
I know thats what is ment to happen but can anybody tell me how long it lasts?

cant wait till i have loads of energy like the book said!!!

Its great coming on here and reading how everybody is getting on, has really kept me motivated and away from the fridge!!
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Welcome & happy eating. I'm not sure if it is meant to happen but it very often does. :) I think how long it lasts varies from person to person. When I first had Atkins flue years ago, it only lasted a couple of days.
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Hi Louise and welcome to the forum. I didn't get atkins flu this time round but I did when I first tried atkins years ago.

My advice would be to drink plenty of water and it should pass in a few days. Stick with it as once you are through the other side you will feel things will be so much easier :)

Good luck

Still feeling horrible today, my kids are all ill and home from school so finding it hard. Had to have a coffee to perk me up!! Can't wait for his first week to be over x x

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Welcome:). You should be over it in a day or two - hang in there!
Feeling better this afternoon, my head feels not so foggy!!
Finding the diet nice actual and not been hungry.
My mouth feels a bit dry and weird but drinking plenty of water.
Really hope this is the diet I've been looking for for years!! X

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Keep strong Louise!! For me at least!! I've got all this to come!!

Day 2 for me and I actually feel ok. I went to the gym last night and did a body pump class but I just couldn't do it! My arms were shaking! Think the class instructor thought I was just being lazy!! I've tried to keep myself active so far and busy to try take my mind off things! I booked a few days off work to Start this diet and to enjoy the good weather so today I've been doing the gardening and I've painted the decking! Im getting hungry now though! Having a BBQ tonight! Gonna be hard resisting a burger bun but I must!!

Just a random question.....have u noticed that your wee has turned a strange colour?? I'm drinking plenty of water and still I have this strange wee!! Lol! It's almost like a luminous green!! Is this normal?!! Lol!

Keep strong and just think of how good you'll feel when you've lost all your weight xxxxx
Ive not noticed the wee actually, will let you know if i notice any change!!
im still strong dont worry, i keep imagining my fat body in a bikini and it keeps me motivated.
shall i do my weigh in on same day as you?
i dont mind waiting couple of days x
Haha!! Maybe mine's gone weird!! Have a check next time!! Lol!! Are u using ketostix??

I don't mind what day we do weigh in but should defo do it on same day!! I'm using my wii fit cos it tells me off and I think it's really the most accurate scale I have!! Whats the worst time of the week for u for temptation? I'm thinking if we do weigh in on either a Friday or Sunday we wont cheat as much because if we do friday and lose weight we should be pretty chuffed and should keep us on track and if we wait till Sunday we won't wanna eat anything so near to weigh day!! Lol!! Or I'll just do whatever is best for you!!

How's your day been?? X
My worst days are friday and saturday evening, i cook dinner for every one all week and at the weekends i just cant be bothered!!
I love indian food and have always had a take away every friday for years.

do you think i could still eat it if not have the rice, just the curry???

My husband is really slim as well and eats like a horse, while writing this he has had a choc whole nut bar and a bag of crisps!!

Do you find it hard when people eat nice stuff round you?

The hardest was when i made toast for my daughter this morning, the smell is so nice i was dribbling!!

sunday sounds a good day, it would stop me giving into temptation over the weekend.
Thats a good idea about the wii fit, will dust mine off and weigh myself on that as well.

oh yes ive got the ketostix, it says im in ketois but people that write about them on here dont think they are any good so not really worried what stick says, will keep doing them thou and see if colour ever changes x
Well shall we do this Sunday then or wait until next sunday? Do u think you've lost anything yet??

I wish I was on my own all the time to be honest cos I always get tempted by other peoples food! I did a BBQ tonight and sliced the bread buns and got greeted with that amazing fresh bread smell! I nearly caved but I stayed true to my burger wrapped in a lettuce leaf!

As for curry I suppose it would depend what type u go for. I like kormas but don't think id be allowed that cos it will have loads of coconut milk?? If u could do a curry without rice and naan than go for it!! I can't resist naan!! I suppose you could go for a dry tandoori chicken with salad??



This is for life
S: 17st8.9lb C: 12st12.8lb G: 12st6.2lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 4st10.1lb(26.77%)
Sounds like you are both well on the way. And yes luminous yellow green wee is a very good sign of ketosis lol :D
this sunday is ok with me, would the following sunday be better for you thou as you started in the week?
def feel like ive lost weight, ive really wanted to weigh myself but want to wait at least a week or more so can really see an impact x

Bread is a killer aint it, sunday mornings we always get warm bagettes but not letting hubby eat that in front of anymore!! x