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  1. Lennie08*

    Lennie08* Full Member

    So another seemingly good day so far, had muller light and fruit sprinkled with alpen lite bar for brekki,
    pineapple and passionfruit about 12 ish to keep me going until lunch when I had the other half of my SW quiche I made which has onions, peppers and mushrooms in alongside a big mixed leave salad with cottage cheese and onions dressed in balsamic vinegar.

    Not sure whats on the dinner front, think might be pork chops tonight which will do with jkt spud n veg.

    Drop my eldest off at scouts tonight so am going to raid asda for the ingredients for sweet potato and salmon fishcakes as I cant wait to try these. Also remembered that I like a mixed bag of stir fry as a substitute for salad sometimes as i like the crunch and variety of all the different ingredients so will be popping a big bag of that in my basket too
    . :)
    For dinner I had a lean pork chop, fat removed, carrot n swede, cabbage, peas n s/corn jkt spud with my healthy A cheese, mushrooms, onions and gravy - was stuffed lol!

    Green tea n my other Alpen light for supper :thumbup:
    Last edited: 2 April 2014

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