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Day 3!

Well I've managed to reach day 3 without chewing my arm off! What I'm wonderinng is when the hunger subsides.

Naturally I assume that everyone will experience things differently while on this 'diet' but today has been quite difficult and I've felt rather nauseous and headachey. Haven't yet weighed myself yet but my face feels slimmer already (probably psychosomatic I know!).

I'm quite chuffed with myself that I've managed this long as I'm a proper emotional eater and today I had a job interview and my theory test so was on edge a bit! Both are normal situations where I'd trough and empty the fridge of everything! So to resist actual food was quite a challenge... that I won! :)

Do people who have blogs and diaries find that they are helpful when doing this lifestyle change?

Oh I passed the theory test too :character00238:
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Well done on passing your theory test! The hunger will start to subside in the next day or so. I find my diary useful, as i'm able to reflect on previous 'struggles' and recognise my trigger points, or look back on good times which motivates me more.

I'm a massive emotional eater too, so I know where you are coming from with that!
congrats on passing your test :) once you get into ketosis the hungar pangs should go..well done on getting this far. I have a diary on here and i find that it does help and when i get to goal i will be able to look back on it how i felt etc

becky x
Thanks for the replies!

Hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today, and that I'll be in ketosis soon *fingers crossed*

Emotional eating is a nightmare isn't it?! I'm hoping by losing the weight I have piled on from low self esteem and learn new ways of making myself feel better, other than reaching for the beer and curry.

Congrats on your weight losses by the way! :)


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I found that ketosis takes away the stomach hunger but doesn't help the head hunger. I know that I am not hungry and my stomach is nice and quiet but my head is telling me to eat, it's conspiring against me I swear and nothing quietens that down. I think those on LL call it the chatterbox and it's a very apt description. With a bit of luck it will give up soon.
Hahaha! Thats s funny, I said to my husband that I'm sure my head is trying to fool me and make me eat!

The hunger pangs are worse than ever today :( but I'm not feeling the hunger sick now which is good. Still have a massive headache too!
Hi Nurse,

Drink more water - aim for between 3-4 litres spread out over the day - that will help with the hunger and headaches.

You can also purchase some Ketostix from the chemist (Tesco for instance) - about £5 for 50 testers - to check your levels of Ketosis. If it goes off the chart (very red / purple) you need more water.

Also, don't forget, if you have been a regular drinker of coffee & tea then switching to just water (like I did) can give you headaches whilst the body goes into withdrawal from caffine. Only lasted for me about a week.

It does get easier :)
Hi All,

I started SS CD on Friday. My weight was 10st 10lb, BMI 26.5, I am 5ft 3lb. I wanted to get to 8st 10lb for my wedding in November. My CD counsellor reccomended 9st BMI 22.5. She advised SS till get to 10st which will be a BMI of 25. I would prefer to stay on SS till reach target tho.

I am on day 3 and feeling fine, tummy def smaller. Not felt hungry, just thirsty, no side effects, except bad breath ha ha

I try my dress on again at end of september, I hope I can loose the 2 stone in 4 months?

I have my first weigh in next sat am day 9. I would love to have lost the 10lbs by then.

Thanks, speak soon



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Hi there, I reached day 6 today and wondering when the hunger does a death, however i can definately say its gone. Hubbie eating pasta in front of me and I just said "My god looks like a plate of fat" and helped myself to a glass of water. Not been able to stomach any soups or shakes until about 4pm and that was because the friends I made on teh site reminded me I wont lose any weight if body goes into starvation mode.

Good luck and keep on the site, I don't know how I would achieve 6 days withouth the support and guidance from everyone.