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Day 3

Hi everyone,

On my third day now, and have to say I'm feeling brilliant! Haven't felt tired or headachey as yet- knowing my luck that will kick in once I'm back to work tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying the shakes at the moment, although I have to add coffee to the vanilla. I got one soup to try- it wasn't unpleasant but certainly not like anything I've tasted before! I'm planning on trying the flapjacks next week, as it's going to be a pain making my shakes at work without ice and a blender. Does anyone like them? I've only seen bad reviews so far.

It's already dawning on me how much time I have always spent on food- eating it, planning it, shopping for it, and generally thinking about it! I think I'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands :D

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maintaining since June'09
Hiya Nicky!

Glad you're feeling good! I found the flapjacks perfectly palatable. I think perhaps 'liked' or 'enjoyed' might be taking it a bit too far but they were okay. Much more convenient to take to work as you say. Bear in mind they're not supposed to be nice as we're not supposed to think of them as anything except nutrition. They're formulated especially NOT to be moreish!
Even if you don't like them at first though don't give up on them, your tastes WILL change. x
That's a good point Jan, I love the chocolate shake so if I keep that till the end of the day, it should make up for any disappointment I might feel at the flapjacks!

I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't missed chewing as yet, or haven't had any cravings. I have a house full of unhealthy things that I'm giving away to my sister, but she can't pick them up for a couple of days. Even knowing they are there, I haven't been tempted yet. I'm wondering if it's because I'm getting all the nutrients I need, my body isn't craving anything else. Whatever the reason, it's great!



maintaining since June'09
I was the same - it never bothered me from day 1. I think a lot has to do with having your head in the right place. You can't be half-hearted about it. Sounds like you'll do fine!! :) x


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Yup i was the same too - it has never bothered me either - probably because i was so prepared for this diet and knew it was do or die basically and now 5 months on its the best thing i have ever done!
Im glad that you are feeling great on it! like jan said if you dont like the flapjacks dont give up on them, try them again soon!

I only have the chocolate shake because i LOVE it!! especially with ice cold water! (i am guna miss them!!:( lol) but i have a couple flapjacks in my drawer for incase i fancy 'chewing' something or i get a craving for it (weird i know).

The other day i made a cup of tea, no sweetner and dunked the flapjack into it - it was nice :) Some people say they are nice in the toaster too - this i've yet to try!!

Good luck on your journey though my lovely - how long are you planning on being on tfr for? The whole 88lbs? This forum really does help, so get on here whenever you can! :D x


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Nicky. Sounds as though you are really ready to tackle this diet, good for you.

I was the same as you, didn't realise how absolutely everything revolves around food! It's everywhere! It does get easier though so hang on in there.

Look forward to reading about your first weigh in, good luck, not that you'll need it!


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Food is indeed everywhere!!!!! Like bev i didnt realise just how much it was around us untill i couldnt have it! Almost every advert on tv is about food! Its crazy!!!! And not just that, fast food, junk food - i think i now actually agree with some when they say adverts like that shouldnt be on tv - i really do! and i welcome the advert that is advising us and young children on healthy eating etc :)
I'm not sure how long I'm going to stay on TFR to be honest- I haven't done a vlcd before, so didn't know if I'd be able to cope with not eating 'normal' food. The initial plan was to complete week 1 and just take it from there.

Now that I've started, I feel like I'll want to continue as long as possible, but I find thinking about losing all that weight a bit overwhelming. So my goal for now is to complete 1 month on TFR- keep it small and manageable.

I've already picked up some great tips from you all on this forum. I had never drunk peppermint tea before- my god, its fab! And blending the shakes with ice: I swear its just like Maccy D's milkshake! So thanks everyone for the help so far.

Best of luck and keep strong, the results make it all worth while

Must admit i felt totally fine this time round up untill day 4 where i started to be a little more tired, although still felt good at the same time lol.
Hi YorkshireAdam, I've seen a few posts where people say days 4 & 5 are quite tough, I'm really hoping that's not the case for me. I've had a week's holiday from work and I'm dreading going back as I've got a hellish couple of days coming up- feeling ropey won't help matters at all! Fingers crossed I'll still feel OK