Day 4, advice please.


Big Daddy
Evening out there,
It's my 4th day on the CD, and since this afternoon my body seems like i've had 10 rounds with Tyson, even to the point that my muscles hurt.
I've read that since i do have half my body weight to lose, i can expect this, but how long for, and is this normal ?
Oh. Just to say looking at all your before and after picture have inspired me even more, you all look great.
Hi Nick
Sorry you are felling so bad,this is normal for some starting CD.Try to take it easy,have an early night if you can.
Drink lots I found warm drinls helped me,take some pain killers.
Hope you feel better soom
Sending hugsxx
Thanks for that Libbie, i think the warm drink and bed sounds best.
Can you tell me how to get my ticker thingy onto my reply thingy, that weight tracker as i got one but dont know how to copy it accross from the web site or where to put it.
Please help.
Oh thanks for the hugs.
Hi ya Irene,
Thanks for that, but when i copy it i dont know where to paste it on this web site, ie under edit signature etc.....
It works, Nick!!!

I hope you're not feeling so achey now - you will feel loads better in a few days - the first week is deffo the worst!!! Hang on in there, hun!