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Day 4 and struggling a bit

So it's day 4 but was my first day back at work today so have really been struggling a bit. I'm hungry and I have a headache and everywhee I looked today people seemed to be eating...AARRRGGGHHHH!!

I guess the good thing is that while I am fantasising a bit about chicken right now I KNOW I am not going to eat anything.

I need to so this this time.I have so much weight to lose I know I can't do it through a slimming club until I get a lot of it off. I just don't have the willpower to only lose a pound a week.

So bring on day 5. I have one more shake to have this evening which I am leaving as late as possible (I really don't want to go to bed hungry tonight).I will then take a cup of peppermint tea to bed and read my book and not not not think about food :rolleyes:

Hope everyone is having a good day today xx
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Ah Debs,

I felt exactly the same. Lipotrim is my only hope & my last chance. All the way through my first week, I remembered this, and even at my first WI (before being weighed) I wasn't sure if I could carry on, but once my pharmasist said I had lost 11lbs, that was it!
I haven't looked back since. I LOVE Lipotrim, and you will too, once you see the results!

Clair x
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Aww Debs *hugs* You are not in ketosis yet. You're still withdrawing from the sugar and carbs, and your body is adjusting to being on LT. Believe me when I tell you that by the end of the week (when ketosis kicks in) you'll feel like a different woman. This initial yuckiness will be a distant memory.

Keep strong and focused. Remember why you're doing this, repeat it in your head a few times hourly! Have a lovely bubble bath, lather yourself in moisturiser and snuggle up in bed. I slept a lot in the first few days. It helped a lot and got me over the pooey feelings.

Keeps thinking of your weigh in and all that vile fat you're going to lose.



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hey debs, you've done so well to get 4 days behind you, you'll be in ketosis soon and that will make it easier. Don't give in yet, get that peppermint tea and look through the photo's on here for inspiration xx
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i loved my duvet for the first weeks it was seriously my best friend it was the only way i cud get threw it. but looking back im so glad i hung in dere an so will you be for the first week food was everywhere i was watching emmerdale an i swear there was food in every scene. it will go away now i cook for my family while always knowing i wont even taste a bit of sauce coz wen you get threw the first weigh in you so dont want to waste that week of starvation. an then trust me it gets brilliant. you will be so happy wen your first weigh in is over that it will carry u threw week 2 and beyond.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Debs, sounds like you are struggling a little. The first week takes a bit of getting used to. I found that I missed the whole palaver around eating. You feel as if you don't know what to do with yourself. Keep ourself occupied and keep sipping water. Best of luck, look forward to your weigh in!!!
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Food will always be there and about its very hard you feel your missing out but in just a short time you will lose lots and won't always feel hungry and you will laugh in the face of food :D

debz x
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Good luck Debs, hope you had a nice early night.

You will be in ketosis soon, very soon, and then you should stop the hunger pangs. Keep going and you will get your reward at weigh-in :) :)
Thank you everyone for your posts last night. I did have an early night and slept like a log...so much so that I was nearly an hour late for work this morning....ooops ;)

I feel much better this morning. My colleague next to me had bacon and eggs for breakfast from the canteen and I thought it would be torture but it really wasn't. Seems that elusive ketosis has kicked in at last!

Hope you all have a fab day xx


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Glad you're feeling better today, I'm struggling a bit today (day 4 for me) maybe this is just a hard day for lots of people. I am feeling quite hungry but hoping the black coffee I've just made will take the edge off :) Got to just keep my eyes on the prize :)
Hi Debs & Bluemoon,

Stay strong, you are both doing great! Not long to go until your first WI, just think how happy you will be when you know how much you have both lost!
Why don't you both set yourself mini goals to keep motivated, and/or join the Christmas Challenge on here?
The whole of my first week was tough, but here I am, 6 weeks later and 2 stone 5lbs lighter!

Stay focused and you will both be fine

Don't forget to post your first weighlosses, good luck

Clair x


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S: 15st12lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 1st2lb(7.21%)
Thanks Clair :)
hey debs... the 1st week is definately the hardest hun, but it sounds like your keeping a positive mind which is half the battle i think, not long b4 your 1st weigh in now hun and once you see them scales with a lower weight on them that will give you such a lift to carry on for the 2nd week xx good luck hun xx


Getting thinner everyday!
Once you get that first weigh in, you'll be so motivated.

Just hang on in there.

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First week horrors

Once you get over the week and a half you will get over the headaches.
thing I found very difficult was the cold.
i bought a hot water bottle and filled it each evening and hugged it while watching t.v.
i also went to bed early to help me get through
Now i am fine I even went to the film Julie and Julie which is all about food and it did'nt bother me!!!

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