God this is hard! I feel so low today. Can't face another food pack and constantly thinking of food, smelling food. I have almost had 3 litres of water to stop me from eating something I shouldn't. I am also coming down with some bug and that isn't helping - my throat and ears hurt and I have headache and achy all over. Does it get any easier??? I have 4 to 5 stones I would like to lose, so I have a bit of long journey ahead of me. I worries me I feel so negative about this on only Day 4.

How have others got through this? I am desperate to lose this weight!!

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Oh ppor your - sounds like a really rough day.

All I an say is really try not to crack - havea drink, go to bed early..just get through to the end of the day.Before the end of week 1 it will be so much easier.

It might take a while to get to goal but maybe just try and get to the end of week 1 right now. Hopefully you will get a great weight loss!


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hiya, your doing really well.

It def does get easier the first few days are bad and that but it does get easier :) perhaps a early night might help to get your mind of food. have a look at the inspirational slideshow on here that will motivate you loads. even browse the net for clothes you'd love to buy :) not long till your first weigh it now. also if you break it the guilt afterwards is so not worth it just keep going eyes on the prize :)

becky xx
Now Day 5 and I am officially sick and off work today. Don't feel like eating anything anyway - so no chance I will stray. Just resting and drinking water. thanks for the encouragement.


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Welldone.You will be okay.The first week is the hardest, stick with it and you will see great losses


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Oh, sorry to hear your not well, all I can say is, once you see a good result, it will spur you on. Just keep at it, will be so worth it!!


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If you can stick it out for your first weigh in and see the huge weight loss, that'll motivate you for the rest of your weight loss journey. Keep reading everyone's success stories and looking at the before and after photos - they always strengthen my resolve. Best thing to do is just take it one day at a time - set small goals, like one stone at a time and you'll be at target in no time.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Really sorry to hear you are not well, make sure you drink lots and lots of water and take it easy. I don't like many of the shakes you make yourself but I just grin and bear it - gulp it down as quickly as I can and then have a bit more water to wash it away! I just tell myself its my thin medicine :p

Lisa Marie

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It does get easier. I'm on day 5 of a restart so know how you feel hun. Just keep your eye on the end result and you'll be fine. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Thank you for that. Will just keep on going - I won't give up.


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Hi Christy,
I just wanted to say I completely understand how you feel, I am on day 5 today and it is very hard. I had bad headaches for the first 3 days but am pleased to say they have eased, I am just waiting for the hunger and tiredness to go now :) Oh and the spots I suddenly have!

I have alot to lose too and when I think about it I panic a little and doubt myself but I know this is an excuse to self sabotage so I try to just get through each day, or even just each hour. I have been reassured that it does get easier so just stay strong if you can. It really must make it worse if you feel poorly too.

Good luck and look forward to hearing your first wi results! x
I am with you with taking each day/each hour as it comes.

The one good thing about today and being stuck at home is drinking lots of water. Have had 3 litres already and all the running back and forth from the loo must count as cardio exercise surely???


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Haha yes of course! That's all I seem to do at the moment, up and down the stairs. Keep drinking..... water that is xx
OMG - I wish I could just stop whinging - but this is killing me! Tired of going to bed early to avoid the starving feeling. Just want to get to Sunday weigh-in and hopefully will be motivated to keep going.

I suppose I am not helping myself by watching "Come Dine with Me"!!!!!:p
OK - whinging has given into me EATING!!!! Had a can of tuna - and feel so much better. Not advocating this - but I feel happier. Have had almost 4.5l today so hoping that will wash the sins away!!!! Today being off sick and trying to do this has been so difficult. Roll on tomorrow - should feel better to do SS properly.


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in one word yes x
OK - made a decision - will SS+ from tomorrow. Can't keep feeling so crap.


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Christy do it. There's no point on staying on SS if it makes you feel bad. Plus you will still lose quite a bit on SS+. All the best.


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Christy do it. There's no point on staying on SS if it makes you feel bad. Plus you will still lose quite a bit on SS+. All the best.

Great point Sylvie :)

P.S. I love your avatar picture!! :D:D:D
Thanks guys - feeling so much happier now I have made the decision.