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Day 4 and swine flu!!!

Hi everyone out there, this is my first post on the site but i've been reading all the wonderful posts and getting lots of support during my first 4 days. I've got around 15 stones to lose and i've tried everything so i thought i'd give this a go. First 3 days ok but woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat, running nose and banging head( uugggg!) To make matters worse i just found out after doing a count that i dont have enough formula to last until my next weigh in as it's 8 days rather than 7. The pharmacy said they would change any i didn't like and only put in 2 soup. I now have none left and need somthing warm as i'm feeling crappy! I've rung the pharmacy to try to exchange but apparantly it is "nothing to do with them" and the lipotrim people only work Monday to Friday - a fat lot of good that is!(parden the pun) Anyhow, not to worry just wanted to have a little moan, feel much better now. Keep at it all my fellow lipotrimmers out there - slimness is just on the horizon.
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You can make up the shakes with hot water, no problem. Just boil the kettle and whizz up with the vanilla + a teaspoon of coffee for a latte, or whizz up a hot choc!

WElcome to LT and best of luck - keep going and you will get into ketosis and through the first few hard weeks.

You can also have black tea and black coffee, which you prob already know from the LT video and/or the LT bags your pharmacy prob give you :)

And keep up the water intake (at least 2 litres, but not more than 4/4.5 per day - excluding shakes) as that should help with headaches.

oh and do you actually have confirmed swine flu or just a cold? if you've got swine flu i'd check with your GP whether it's best to be on the diet - it's prob ok but worth checking.
Thanks for the info, i didn't realise you could take the shakes hot that will really help today. Congrats on your fantastic weight loss!:)

Sorry the pharmacists have messed you about- can you weigh in a day early so that you've got enough of the shakes etc?

In a few weeks you are going to be feeling fantastic and seeing amazing losses. Bear with it- and keep popping on here when you're feeling down.

A nice cup of peppermint tea is nice you know- give that whirl for something warm and comforting

Good luck

Sorry you're feeling so ill woman. You'll be feeling amazing with lipotrim in no time though so do hang in there. There are loads of tips and advice on the site so have a good nose about, you'll be grand. :D

Thanks for the info, i didn't realise you could take the shakes hot that will really help today. Congrats on your fantastic weight loss!:)
no problem - glad to help. i haven't had them hot in weeks and weeks, but it makes a nice change - especially as you go into ketosis and start to feel freezing all the time!
Thanks everyone, this site is a true godsend. Its good to know that support is just a mouseclick away. xx:D
Totally agree Winky - this place is such a great source of support. The URL should be given to everyone on LT when they get their shakes :)

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