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Day 4 and very hungry


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Hi all,
I have been in ketosis since yesterday morning but I found yesterday very hard. I ended up having an extra soup in the evening because I was sooooo hungry. Today I am still really hungry. I am drinking loads of water - more than I am supposed to. The only thing other than the hunger is a horrible metalic taste in my mouth, which I am assuming won't go away whilst I am in ketosis.

I have hopped on the scales and can see I have lost a couple of pounds but I lost that in the fist day and nothing since. Is that because of the extra shake?

I'm not ready to give up yet!
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hi it does get easier.i still get hungry now and then but nowhere near like the first few days .i find a can of zero coke helps (you can have upto a pint a day this is on cd ) also i find cartons of shake fill me up more and bars they are even better but think you dont get to have them till week 2 .the horid taste in your mouth stays for a while but im now in week 4 and it has gone for me so stick it out .weighing ur self is not agood idea it will give u highs and lows i find that some days i have put on 2 lb then lose 5 lb the next by the end of the week i have always lost a good amout 2 stone in 1 month good luck on your journey

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Hi K-Nine,

You are definitely in ketosis, but it will take a little while for your body to adjust to not having bulk food to digest.
Regarding the taste, I tend to have sugar free chewing gum that doesn't contain any citric acid, but for some people it can make them crave even more.

Can I suggest that you try and stay away from the scales and only go by your CDC's scales....I had to throw mine away as I was constantly getting on and off them and my mood would be goverend by what they said!!!

Just keep drinking the water and perhaps try the bouillon stock...tastes like veg oxo cube and is lovely as a filler when you are a bit peckish.

Good luck!

i'm on day 4 and this hunger and craving is killing me so on this fourth day, i had 2 tiny celery sticks and to satisfy the craving, i kept putting little bit of hot sauce in my mouth. i regret doing this cuz i worry this would ruin my diet. would this put me out of ketosis?
im a few weeks in and i still get peckish . i do something til it passes such as come on minis or have a vath , i even consider doing housework and ironing ...... thats as far as i usually get.
it will get easier so keep with it . i ues gold spot mouth spray to help with ketosis breath !


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Feeling much better today. I have been at work all day and haven't really had much time to think about it. My tummy did rumble now and then but I can't say it was much of a bother. I can really see the difference on my waistline already too, which really improves morale.

I have had a few mouths of chicken both today and yesterday as my CDC told me this was okay provided it was just a small amount. It makes me feel better anyway!

hi glad your feeling better. You will soon be on your way to a great weight loss. :)
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Hello K-Nine,
Hang on in there-it really will get better. It's a drastic thing, we are all doing-so your body will complain!! Make sure you have all your packs and speak to your councillor about what else you can do to ease any discomfort with hunger.
Good luck and stay with us.
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Hiya K nine, how are you feeling today?, I hope your hungriness is going now hun xx

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