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Day 4...feeling bunged up????

I take a syrup called duphalac, not sure if it would take you out of ketosis tho, i dont think it does beacause i have always used it and found it fine, think it is much better than dulcolax tabs...

duphalac is a stool softner where the dulcolax is more of a laxitive and i found them too heavy on my stomach, got cramps and felt like i had a bug haha...

some use senokot too, i didnt find they worked too good tho but others prob find them fine...

its awful if you leave it too long so try sort it now, I thought I was going to have to go the hospital or doc when it happened to me, it was horrific, I was up all night and crying with the pain..

now if I feel I have not went in a few days I take a table spoon of the duphalac

once you are sorted then start using the fibreclear but not point in using that now as it will make you worse.


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I had this problem last week. I took 2 sennokot before bed one night and i went the next morning. I find the sennokot fantastic. My advice is try the senna. Its a more natural and gentle laxative. If it doesnt work then go for the more heavy duty ones.
Hope this helps

Niamh xxx
Last time, I tried Docusate which is a hard-core one. I felt awful on it.

This time, I tried Senna. First time I felt like I was giving birth, second time...wasnt too bad.

All laxatives tend to give you cramps to be honest because they are promoting peristalsis which is the natural mechanism of how the bowel moves waste down in order for us to pass it out.

A stool softener is a good idea (technically still a laxative) but please just drink as much water as you can!
Ladies...thanks so much for that...lots of bowel movement advice there haha!
i will try senna and keep u posted (if u all want to know)
keep going girls we can do this!!!!! x
Yes we do want to know little flower2...no subject is sacred on here!
Hi Little flower,

Yikes, I know all about fear factor in the bathroom, constipation can be a real problem and can prevent you from losing weight, which is demotivating. I find drinking plenty of water and taking a spoon of fibre everyday helps me. Also, I personally find, that after my 2 coffees in the morning I go. I had some trouble and it was excruciatingly painful but I've learned my lesson and now take senokot when I've gone more than 4 days without going. My advice, drink water, take fibre, and take a mild laxative if you are not going naturally.
Good luck and as Princess said, there are not sacred subjects here!!!
haha...thanks i will let u all know when the earth moves!!!!! lol
well ladies....the earth didnt really move but wobbled lol
i took 2 sennokot before bed then 2 this morning...and i now have the opposite affect!!!!! im glad something has happened tho!
Thanks girls...love this forum!!!!! x
Ive not had loose stools this time but I did last time I did it. It will settle down though.
hi Keocoll...yes that is happened to me too....on Sunday...(i put it down to the senokot!) now Monday and not having any affects (yet!!!)

I take psyllium husk capsules from Holland and Barrats....it's basically the same stuff as the fibre powder that Cambridge sells but much cheaper and hasn't affected ketosis...it's not a laxative, just a bulking agent but seems to help.

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