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day 4 - headaches and still can't stand soups!

its 8am and i am at work. got up early and had a litre of water and the leek and pot soup (URRGHHHHHHH). am totally struggling to down the soups and always end up leaving some in theb ottom. Next week I am gonna try the porrige and the cold shakes as I cannot take any more soup. will have to find a way to get through this week though as I have loads left!

My CDC said I can have bars next week but some of the posts here have scared me and i am worried that i won't lose weight??

on a good note, i did wake up more alert (still headachey) and glad day 3 is over. by far one of the worst days of my life. I was cold, emotional, weak, weepy, hungry. woke up this morning and it looks like i am finally losing weight too. didn't expect this as have not finished one of my packs yet. i am really hoping i find my mix of packs that i am ok with as I love the diet in the sense that i am not hungry and want to lose weight. i just did not anticipate not being able to down the packs. that never even occured to me, and if anything makes me fail it is going to be the taste of the packs. I have decided today to add more water to the soups to stop them tasting so strong. this might help.

also, after my disaster yesterday at work i have decided not to have a pack at work as i have no blender and really do not want tyo take one in and draw attention to myself! so i have a pack in the morning and then one at 5pm after work and then one at 8 before bed. Does anyone have the bars? I so want them but am worried that they will make me hold on to weight.

Another good note is that my trips to the loo are not as frequent and i thought the water drinking would be the hardest thing but its the easiest (at the moment I can't have a pack without half al itre of water on the side!).

Wish me luck for today as yesterday was so bad that i was on the very verge of quitting and i am SO glad i came on here and got loads of support. I am also going to email my CDC and tell her I am struggling with the soups (she has already changed some of them once so I don't expect her to do so again!).

please send any words of encouragement my way as i REALLY need them!

thanks to all

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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good luck hun. Why dont you swap some of your soups if you dont like them? I do, and my CDC is ok about it. I used to love the soups, but found they made me gag slightly after a while. I have shakes mainly and a soup of an evening instead. Just tried the porridge and I really like it, as it warms me up in the morning, so will be trading some of my shakes in for more porridge.
Also, the bars are great and they have not stopped me losing at all. I get five and chop them all up into tiny pieces, mix them up into five seperate bags, and pop them in the freezer. They are like eating revels, takes longer to eat and makes me feel like I have been a bit naughty.
You just have to keep trying different ones (soaps/shakes/bars), and you will soon find which ones which suit you.

You really should have something in the day though too, as from early morning till evening is a long break. Can you get any tetra's?
I have them in work, and that way I dont need to blend anything and dont get any funny looks, as it just looks like I am having a carton drink. They come in Strawberrry, Choc and banana, and I like them all. But again, everyone has different tastes.

Its sounds like your doing really well. Your on day 4, and the worst is definitely over. Keep going hun, and you will see the pounds falling off.
thank you - i have emailed my CDC and am waiting to see what she says.
ps - what bars do you recommend - i have asked CD for some choc, peanut and toffee ones to start with,.

Big H

Silver Member
Choclate Tetras are great (the other 2 are horrible imo) and the porridge is really nice as are the Mouses. Try to vary things. I have

Porridge for Breakfast
Mouse for lunch (made with Mixa Mouse)
A partially frozen chocolate tetra in afternoon (if not left too long it's just like Ice Cream
A bar for tea (but not till 3rd week for me)

This way you won't get bored and fed up.

I never touch the soups
toffee and choc are yum, not sure about peanut, caramel aint bad either. I had to give the bars up while i was restarting cos i cravd the carbs in them! I SS+ with porridge exclusivley and love it, i have a few shakes laying around though in case i want a hot drink.

If you need t swop them, swop them, having the stuff you like is imporatant but the second week you have a good idea of what you like and dont like.

I cannot stand the soups either!!! Was just living on the choc tetras for a few weeks with the bars every other day, I only like the toffee, cranberry and the peanut.
My CDC bought round the porridge for me to try and I love it! although it is slightly strange having porridge for dinner! but it is working for me.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I get one of each, and mix them up. I cannot eat any of them whole, on there own. Toffee, orange, cranberry, chocolate and caramel.
thanks everyone. my CDC has said she will swap them and we are arranging a time to meet up. I can't do tonight and she can't do tomorrow night!!!
Swap, swap and swap as it's so important you find what you like. Only get one of each, and buy about 5 or so extra, just in the first week in case you really hate anything and can't finish it. The soups are an acquired taste and to be avoided in the early days I reckon!

I have got it down to a fine art now:
7 porridge
7 Chocolate Mint (definitely my favourite shake)
8 Caramel bars (definitely my fav bar. I have half in the afternoon and half in the evening to help with my addiction LOL. The extra one is a weigh day treat because I love 'em so much!)

Oh and I get a couple of strawberry or chocolate shakes for hungry days and to flavour my porridge. I find the tetras have a funny taste and only have them when I really have to due to travelling etc.
thanks everyone. I really do think that when i find the right flavours i will be fine. i have asked my CDC to swap the soups for some bars (7) some porride, more choc, butterscotch and toffee. i think i will have to stick to sweet stuff for now as find the soups have a lingering aftertaste kinda like powdered baby milk!

mix my chocs with double the water and they taste absolutley fine. gonna get rid of the soups so feel all sorted now.
I didnt have any soups until about week 4, but I still only have thechicken and mush one with half a tea spoon of boullion in it.


always lurkin around!
hi i put some ice in the blender with my shakes and they taste gr8 i think that little bit of ice makes a big difference good luck hun xx
I agree ice makes the shakes taste better, but I wouldn't have got anywhere without the cranberry and peanut crunch bars... I couldn't do the texture of the others and this didnot hinder my weightloss.

In the beginning I split the packs to have more frequently. I always watered down the soups but stuck mainly to veg and ch. mush.

Good luck with getting back the taste barrier.

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