day 4 i am still suppose be feeling like this?


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once u get past this bit in a day or two, you'll be feeling fab and swinging from the light shades with energy. its really important that u dont give up....u have done the worst bit! even a little bit of anything will keep u out of ketosis so stick with the plan and u'll be fine. i restarted after xmas and lost 11lb this week so it is worth feeling crumby for.

good luck xxxx


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oh thanks for ur replies, i will stick to it altho i keep thinking to myself y i am i putting my self thro this is it gona be worth it, i know it is gona be worth it after reading so many succsess stories i just keep thinking i am not as strong as all those strong will ppl i wish i was.

i have no plans to give this diet up as i have already lost 6lbs but its this feeling i hate which makes me think how long will i last.

sorri if i am babbling on



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Hiya Ali..

Day 4 was my worst day (at day 7 now).. felt really pathetic all day, but have steadily felt better, still feeling a bit tired today but not sure if thats the diet or bad sleep pattern last night (youngest up last night)

Welldone on getting this far, and sending you willpower vides :)


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You have to feel bad before you get rewarded with the really good feelings.

I did Lipotrim for 6 months and felt fabulous once the first week was over.

Hang in there

Marylyn xx


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I am back SSing and on day three and feeling a bit washed out myself.

I however had eaten a lot of carbs so I know my body is in carb withdrawal.

It varies with everyone how long it can take, just be patient and it will get better:)

Congratulations on losing 6lbs. already!!!

Love Mini xxx


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i think i was the exception to the rule as it took me nearly 2 weeks to feel good & was throwing in the towel & had started eating till my hubby told me to stick it out till next weigh in. i really hated him at the time, but now am SO glad that i listened to him cos now i'm 3st 9 lbs lighter with another 2st 11 - 3st 11lbs left to go
stick with it hun, its the best thing you'll ever do


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i am hungry i want to eat sum1 plz stop me stop me, rest of the family are have pizza it smells so niceeeeeee while its cooking i wana cry i i feel sooooo hungry



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Hiya Hunnie..

dont do it!!.. you know you will regret it the minute its in your mouth.. Ive just cooked my fav tea for our girls, and have come in my office whilst they eat it.. I can cook, but not watch..

more water, take yourself off for a bath? or a walk?



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Don't do it, please! You will regret it so much if you eat now. Just think, stick to it and you could have lost a stone in a couple of weeks!


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
u must not eat the pizza!!!

tell the voice in ur head to sod off! go into the arcade on this site and take ur mind off it with a game! anything but the pizza!!

good luck. my kids r tucking into yummy stuff as i type and the smell is lovely but i am fat and need to be slim for the sake of myself and my family....

you CAN do this diet and you CAN be incredibly proud of yourself when u do!



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ok i did not eat the pizza did have 1 slice of mushroom off it tho:(, it did smell realy nice to me but my family did not like it had to chuck sum of it away they said base was tho thick and did not taste nice told me i was better of on my diet then to have that pizza.

so there u go apart from the lil tiny mushroom i did do well dreading 2marro tho just want to feel better hate the weak feeling

thanks for ur replies guys i will be needing more of those replies as days pass



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It definately gets better, I am in week two and on my way to week 3 and all is good now.

So stick with it its definately worth it.:)


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Hun, days four and 5 was pretty rough for me, go to my diary thread and have a look at the first few pages, they will tell you how I felt and also tell you when I felt better, and it may also stop you from thinking about food, will probably send you to sleep!!

Are you managing with the water, it does so help to get over the weakness and hunger???

If you need anything let me know hun x


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Days 2-3 were my worse when i started LL, after that it was all plane sailing, maybe i was lucky but when i got into days 6-7 i had no hunger , no pains and was alive with energy for 1st time in years!
So stick with it..