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day 4...my journey so far

Well a big hello to everyone.

As you can see i joined this forum a long time ago and did try LL then, i just wasn't ready and for various reasons stopped.

Since then things have changed, i need to lose this weight so that hunsband and i can have IVF. The major problem is that i need to lose 8 stone before i can have the treatment and i feel so despondant and helpless(even though i know this is all in my hands)

So...i started 4 days ago, today being day 4 and i can honestly say that today has been the worst day and i want to cave in and eat, i am taking one hour at a time!!!

I guess i just feel like i have lost my best friend 'food' and don't know how to survive the following months without it, i feel i have lost enjoyment.

I went to my pop in meeting and after 2 days i had lost 5lb which is fantastic but i still want to cry when i look at how much i still have to lose.

i am hoping to read some threads and find inspiration there, many of you have done fantastically and that deserves credit.

well off fro a choc shake now, thanks for reading my ramblings

Blue x
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Hang in there. The first week is tough but food is not your only friend. There are books and pamper yourself sessions and a whole host of other things you can do to keep your mind occupied. I cleaned like a demon for the first two weeks :)
Good luck you know it will be worth it.
There is alot of inspiration on here so a good idea to have a look at the slide show that always keeps me on the straight and narrow.


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Hi Blue - to be honest once today is over then you're gonna be over the worst part --- well done for sticking to it so far :)

You've got a great incentive there and to be honest you're not looking at too long a time to lose 8 stone.

You're right that it is all in your hands but don't worry you'll have us lot on here to help you along the way xx


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Hi Blue - Day 4 was the worst day of all so far for me - it got easy after that.

Please hang in there - the diet really really works.

Please keep us updated as you go through this amazing yourney to a new you (and hopefully little pattering feet too!)


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Hi blue, good luck with ll and your IVF honestly you will get into the swing of it so quickly and that 8 stone will be gone before you know it! hang in there! xx
thank you everyone for your words of encouragement, it means alot to hear this from people well on the road to success.

i am pleased to say that my moment of doom and gloom has passed, i eneded up doing a jigsaw of all things to take my mind off it(where this urge has come from i don't know :))

my only pitfall at the moment is that i don't want any shakes or soups today and have only had one so far...oh well will just have to stay up late until they are down

i will keep you all updated about my weird and wonderful LL journey and will watch with great interest and support for all of you too.

Blue( a slightly happier one)


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Blue things such as jigsaws will really help you over the coming months - you want to build yourself a little stash of things that you can do when the mood isn't looking so good or you're trying to avoid temptation; jigsaw, walks, long pampering baths, knitting, reading, exercise, manicures etc - anything that 'takes you away' for half hour or so.
day 5...glad i stuck with it

Hello All

Well what can i say, day 5 is so much better than day 4!! I feel brighter, happier and there are even thoughts about achieving my goal.

Going to work today helped and i am so lucky to have support there.

How has everyone else felt today?? Good i hope....

Blue xx


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Glad to hear you're feeling better today, it will get even easier for you xx


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Hi...Blue...reading your post i could have written it myself...I am in exactly the sam position as you...I need to loose around the same amount of weight as you in order to recieve IVF treatment...unlike you though I did cave in on day 4 last week!!
If u read back some of my posts you will see I have been struggling for some time...when I found out I needed IVF I only had 2-3 stones to loose but since finding out I have eaten myslef up to 21 st!!
If u would like to buddy up PM me and we can encourage each other through this!!...I know I need help...My LL counsellor told me today she can no longer helo me as I have bee trying for so long, I dont know what to do as this happened at the beggining of the year with my cambridge counsellor....I wont give up even if they have given up on me!! :cry:
Hi Red
My heart goes out to you, we are in exactly the same position....i think we could help each other!
I would love to buddy up with you but i am ashamed to say i dont know how to send a PM, please contact me and in the meantime i will try and figure out wnat i am doing

Blue x