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day 4


Slimming down the aisle
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You don't, you can do it! You're at the hardest part, tomorrow it gets better, I promise. Just keep on, go do something that'll distract you. Read, have a lovely bath, paint your nails, anything but eat, it's really not worth it, I assure you, learn from my mistakes!


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Don't give in. It's supposed to start getting easier soon. At least that's what i'm hoping. I'm on day 4 too and finding this the hardest yet. Not sure if it's to do with the day though, or the fact it's the weekend and I have more time to listen to my stomach telling me it's hungry!


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Agree with all other comments - don't do it. This is the hardest part! Distract yourself by any means possible. If you are feeling weak or really very hungry then have an extra half a shake, have some more water. Go for a walk, read a book, watch a trashy film. It will get better - honest!
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Arghhhh I don't know what to do with myself. I've just cooked the kids tea and I want it. I couldn't stomach my milkshakes today I had to gulp them down as they were making me gag. I am going to try a soup tonight. I felt so good the past three days. Its so disheartening. I''ve lost 5lb since I started on wednesday morning but even that isn't making me feel better! And I don't think I can take another sip of water :(


Hi its me again
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oh no you dont!!!!!!!

mind over matter, drink another litre of water and go do something to keep yourself busy or go have a bubble bath to occupy your mind............................. it will soon pass m8t

I'm on day 4 too


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So much of this diet is mental (in many senses!) Once you get past this phase today, and wake up tomorrow having beaten the cravings and had another day 100% you will feel great and pleased with yourself for staying strong.

I have just started week 12, and I honestly didn't think 11 weeks ago that I could or would get here - but I have. This last week has had its tricky moments for me - mainly evenings - but I have stayed 100% and the next day I am very proud of myself as on previous diets I would have caved in and eaten anything and everything.

Have you any other flavour of shakes to try? Have you tried the tetras? They have a different consistency and you can freeze them and eat them more like an ice cream.

Well done on resisting the kids tea and good luck for the rest of the evening x