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Day 4....


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I decided to go the SS route as soon as I saw all the CD options as am never one to go for the easy route. Having said that, I'm always one to fall at the first hurdle and yesterday was it!!

For some reason, I thought it would be easier to diet at work and so chose to start over the weekend as I'd hoped to be on track before going back to work. Got all the flavours of shakes and soups because I've read that everyone responds to them differently and as I'm a bit of a sweet tooth, decided to try all the ones I was unsure about first so I'd still have nice flavours to look forward to. Tried the Fruits of the Forest shake and the Brocolli and Cheese soup on the first day and thought to myself "that's why people lose weight, they can't stand to eat/drink this vile stuff and would rather go hungry!!" lolol

Day 2 started off with a chocolate mint shake (hot, not too bad!) and ended with me sipping my Spicy Tomato soup watching my family stuff themselves with dinner and wondering whether it wouldn't have made more sense to start off on SS+...

Yesterday was terrible!! Started off with a butterscoth milkshake (yum! maybe they get better the hungrier you get?) and then a banana milkshake which I could picture would taste divine turned into icecream or something, then started the downward spiral - talked myself into having some wine gums, as I argued that they are fat free and I'm sure I've read somewhere that they are the most healthy sweets to have on a diet. I think this just tickled my tastebuds cos I went straight off to the store to get some chicken and veg for dinner (as per the SS+ plan) arguing that protein and veg are good for you. Then my sister got me to make her a cheese, bacon and pasta dish and that was it! Spent the whole evening, in between watching The Apprentice, running back and forth to the kitchen for quick sneaky forkfuls of cheesy pasta!!

Anyway today am back on track and have had a strawberry shake so far (not too bad). How do you guys manage?? Are there any treats we can have on SS as I've read we're not even supposed to have gum or mints, etc?

Tomorrow's my first weigh-in, wish me luck!!:scale:
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No no no treats! It does get easier and I laughed when you said,"Do the flavours get better the hungrier you get" LOLOLOL You could well be right there. Great that you quickly hopped back on the wagon. After day 4 it is MUCH easier so, head down and keep your eye on the prize. Good luck.
Not allowed any treats sorry.You can have chewing gum only sugarfree and only chew for a wee while as it makes you feel hungry. Some people have the odd can of coke zero as a treat but your not allowed anymore under new cd rules. hope this helps.

becky x


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As Annie said no treats :( however you can make crisps and muffins from the shake/soup mix?? Its funny you say its harder at work as i find it easier?? The trick is just to distract ya self become detached from food and you will look at it differently i look at it as the thing that made me big in the 1st place!!! Not saying i wouldnt love to have a big mac but i just dont think about it hun xxxx Gd luck and stick with it the results are worth it !


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Thanks guys! Why do you suppose we put ourselves through the hassle when we can eat on SS+ and still lose similar amounts of weight?


Finally a size 12!
Im kinda an all or nothing gal id end up having tooo much for tea and get no where x


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I know what you mean! Well I'm aiming for the sky so if SS defeats me then I'll switch to SS+ but at least I'll know I tried it!

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