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Day 4


I will do this!!!
Day 4 was my worst day too but please make sure you have your 3rd shake as it is important (hold your nose if you need to!!) By the end of the week you'll feel great and you'll even start to love the shakes. Dont give up just yet, just wait till that 1st weigh in and you'll see why this diet is worth it!!! Go have your last shake and get into bed and relax and i promise it does get a hell of a lot better :)
Really you should try and force down your shakes I wretched taking them for the first few days but they do get easier, you are probably feeling so rough do to ketosis you will start to feel great in a day or so, so try and stick to it, it really is worth it in the long run you will be so thankfull you did when you get to that first weigh in best of luck!
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Down the shake in one & go to bed hun. It does get so much easier
Good luck


a new way of living!
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try making a mouse out of the chocolate one, its less to get down! then follow by a strong peppermint tea! or make a hot choc with the peppermint tea and a sweetner.

you will start to feel better my day 5/6 although you wont feel as ill, you may still struggle for another few days, just take it easy, take some time out, sleep lots (keep water by you to keep hydrated though) rest lots, chat on here and check out all the older threads and laugh at us crazy lot.

just keep at it till that first wi, and the buzz will keep you going along after that. then in no time at all you will wake up one day and think, 'you know, i actually feel good today'.

the rest is plain sailing!

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Dont allow yourself to give in, keep going, remain focused and determined, it really really does get easier!!
Chase it with water, day 4 was horrible for me too, I've just had my first weigh in and am so glad I persevered. I took a tip from here and filled a glass with ice so the shake got really cold, I could barely taste it, and after every guld I took a drink of water.

Good luck, it'll all be worth it!
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I know how you feel I am only in day 3 and feeling a bit rough but just had my first chocolate shake made with peppermintd it was lovely!! I also make my vanilla ones with a spoonful of coffee really delicious.

good luck and stick with it it will be worth it in the end
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I hope day 5 has been better for you hun. Just hang in there till your WI. We are here if you need us.

Good luck.