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Day 5 advice


I am new to this forum so sorry if I am asking silly questions!

I tried CD a few months ago, I only managed to last a week, had terrible headaches, felt awful and cheated more times than I can remember. I still managed to loose 7 pounds in this time but had to give up as it was making me so unhappy.

I restarted on Friday with a new attitude and am doing much better. I haven't cheated, besides eating half a tin of tuna (in water) yesterday and have been drinking loads of water. I have just checked the scales and have only lost 2 pounds so far. I did expect this to be higher as I feel so much better this time around. :sigh:

So, my questions are; is this kind of weightloss normal? Is it likely to speed up towards to end of the week? I am not sure if I am in ketosis but feel fantastic (no headaches etc) so I hoped I was. I don't understand why the loss is so much less this time around. I know I should be happy but I have A LOT of weight to loose so really thought the first week would be better. Also, could the tuna have knocked me out of ketosis?

Thanks for your help, I have lurked on this site for quite sometime and there are so many inspirational stories out there, thank you for these!! I think they have given me the kick I needed to finally change my attitude and do something about it!

Oh, and another question :eek:. Has anybody tried W8 matters? Is it equally as good as CD?

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for all the questions!!:D
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Hi enoughisenough,

I checked my weight loss part way through my first week and it only showed a 2lb loss, yet by the time my weigh in came round I'd lost 10lbs, so I don't think it's always consistent!

Well done for sticking with it, it really does get easier as you go along!

Best of luck and welcome to minimins

Sounds like your doing really well and sticking to the plan 100%. I dont think half a tin of tuna in water would knock you out of ketosis as this in one of the foods on aam week. Everyone is different when it comes to weight loss, you might lose more in a few days time, dont keep hopping on the scales it will only do your head in. If your doing the diet properly you will be loosing. Sorry i dont know anything about W8 im in ireland!

becky xxx oh and well done on getting to day 5 :)


Call me Nicky xx
Hi and welcome to Mins.. the support on here is great.

I also gt on the scales everyday hoping that the figure would go down however in the end it is best to just wait for your weigh in as the scales can mess with your head.

Good luck on your journey hun xx

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