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Day 5 and hoping im through the worst of it!...


food is not my friend!
Got through all the wanting to eat everything in sight, almost cried on day 3 when the OH had a burger and chips and a dominos ad came on at the same time... but i have stayed 100% :D and have also been walking everyday, hoping to start seeing and feeling results soon, when did everyone else start noticing the differences?? xx
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No longer "Overweight" !
Brilliantly well done on staying 100% - don't think I could have dealt with that sort of temptation so early on! My family made sure they didn't eat around me for the first few weeks... bless them! :)

You notice different things as you go on - for me, the scales were the first obvious sign. I weigh myself pretty much every day, so it was great to see it drop every couple of days!

I had my wardrobe arranged with clothes (trousers, mainly) in order of how much too small they were for me and I tried them on every week or so. Just looking in the mirror I still couldn't see a difference, myself (though others said they could...) but trying the clothes on and seeing the zips get closer and closer reassured me that it was working. Getting back into my favourite turquoise tartan troos (in my avatar) was my first big "WOO-HOO!" moment. :D

I think it took probably a month before I felt I could see a difference in the mirror. I now regret not taking any "before" photos to compare with. I'd really suggest you do that, and do it as honestly and un-flatteringly as you can. It will be amazing to be able to compare, in the future.

Possibly around the same time I noticed that it was getting a lot easier to climb the stairs (my room is in an attic, so two flights used to be exhausting and leave me out of breath - so disgraceful, with hindsight). Now I can virtually run up them!

Hope you discover all these and more,
Enjoy your journey,
Marianne x


No longer "Overweight" !


food is not my friend!
I have taken a before pic and my OH said i should take one every week and make a flip book of me getting smaller! I was convinced when I put a top on yesterday that it felt a bit looser but im not sure whether its in my mind as wishful thinking lol! I dont have my first weigh in until thursday as my pharmacist is away until then. I've dug out some clothes that i dont fit into anymore and im going to try them on every 2 weigh ins, plus i measured myself the first day i started and im going to keep a diary of that.
I know i struggle with motivation so im doing everything i can think of to keep myself on track! xx


Determind dieter :D
brochmor ...your doing really well and the first week is the toughest....also don't get disheartened when you get to week 3 as the WI might not be as good it seems to be a common problem but the following weeks make up for it ;)

If you've managed to stick 100% for this long your gonna do really well :D x x x


food is not my friend!
Thankyou Trueleame! I am just hoping that I can make it through a stressful shift at the pub tonight without my usual pint and dry roasted peanuts, If i can do that i think i will be able to manage most situations!!
I have printed out pictures of really nice dresses that i would love to fit into and stuck them around the house just for a little bit of a boost no matter where I am too. xx
Hey! I'm on day 10! I've found that i've gotten quite used to not eating now. So only a few more days to go and i'm sure you'll feel much better.
From what i can gather on here, drinking lots of water helps LOADS!
For me, Ive found that my stomach felt flatter and i was just generally less bloated.
Anyway, good luck chick! This site is fab! And its helped me so much!! xxx
I'm on day 5 too and struggling when people ate eating Chinese and burgers in front of me, be nice if they didn't eat round me for the first few weeks but it helps with the will power I guess!
Managed to get to the next belt hole today so was quite chuffed with that, hopefully on Monday at my first weigh in it will all be worth it.
Dreading tonight and tomorrow as I work in a pub at the weekends and will be serving lots of food, especially roasts tomorrow...eeek! Keep up the good work everyone!! Xx
You have done SOOO well resisting!! You should be proud of yourself.... def get some things out of the 'don't fit' drawer.... pick a couple of things that are not far off.... and leave them where you can see them all the time!!!

Every week of so... try them on and you will soon start to notice that they are getting easier to get into!!

Put THAT pic that you hate of yourself on the fridge!!! Screen saver on your lap top/phone!!!

Keeping a diary of measurements is also a great idea..... Write down all the reasons why your doing this!!! When times get tough give it a read!!! Good luck to you!!! You can do this!!! We're all here with you!!! x
Wow what motivation you have - you should be really proud of yourself to not be tempted. I have been really lucky that my husband cooked all his own meals for the first few weeks so i wasn't tempted. You will soon notice the difference. The first weigh in is usually a big moral booster and then for me getting into clothes I haven't worn for years, extra energy I have and how quickly people notice you have lost weight. Good luck.
Im on day 14, went for my weigh in yesterday and had lost 3lbs so Im happy with that, though my first weigh in was on day 6 and I'd lost 6lbs, so for me I'm feeling that the weight loss is a little slow, though dont get me wrong Im really pleased with what I have lost so far - onwards and upwards I say.

Anyway, after my weigh in I went food shopping with my friend <not for me lol> and I have to say, if its any inspiration to anyone else, I wasnt tempted in the slightest to buy any food stuffs, I just kept thinking,when I have lost what I want to lose in weight, I can have those foods again but in moderation, for me now I am totally focused on 100% TFR till the end of november, when I will do my refeed!

Good luck x
U weight prob just seems smaller as you have less to lose hun.... your doing great... on any other diet you'd be thrilled with them results!! Keep at it sweetie.... your doing brill.... xxx


food is not my friend!
How come this post got moved by the way? have I misunderstood the rules? =/ I though food talk was talking about eating it i know we mentioned some foods but I was talking about it in a staying 100% way, i shall have to be more careful if posts get moved just for mentioning turning down foods xx


No longer "Overweight" !
Im on day 14, went for my weigh in yesterday and had lost 3lbs so Im happy with that, though my first weigh in was on day 6 and I'd lost 6lbs, so for me I'm feeling that the weight loss is a little slow...
The 6lb you lost in the beginning will have been mainly water. The first few days of TFR run down your glycogen stores (a short-term sugary energy store). Glycogen binds itself with loads of water - about 3-4lb of water for every 1lb of glycogen! That's why everyone's losses are so much more in the beginning (and also vary considerably, as some people will be retaining much more water than others...) and then they settle down to probably 3 or 4 lb each week.

Don't be down about that, though, because from now on, every single gram you lose is PURE FAT! Hurrah! :D

Brilliant news that you're resisting temptations - good on you, and I hope you sail along from here on in...

Best of luck,
Marianne x

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