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Day 5 and so hungry

Today is day 5 and for some reason I am just so hungry. I have been fine all week, some minor hunger pangs but nothing like this and my breath stinks (according to dh) so I assume I am in ketosis, so why now?
My stomach is rumbling so much and I don't know what to do. I really want to stick with this as I need to loose weight to be healthier and I am so fed up with being fat

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Hi Libsmum,

I am just starting week 8 and I still have days when I feel quite hungry. I have found it helpful to drink a hot cup of tea when the hunger pangs are at their worst. It makes me feel full for a while.


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hang on in there, your first weigh day is not long off, I find splitting the shakes in two some times helps, other than that water water water, hope the rumblings stop soon


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Definitely keep the water intake up Libsmum. That's what really helped me get through the first week. I still bring two 500ml bottles with me to bed each night to sip on if the rumbles start. I was a MAJOR night-time nibbler before starting LT! Always have a bottle with you for when the rumbles start!
Hang in there! I have just restarted on lipotrim 1/09/2011... so on day 6 now and i have had a few moments where i want to eat something, i have done this diet and lighterlife now on and off for nearly 2 yrs. I have lost 6 stone then gained back 4 stone so now i am on my last chance with this plan, with just under 6 stone to shift.. Please stick with it as it is so hard to restart over and over... it really does get easier, drink water if your belly is rumbling and distract yourself as i always find i give in if i am sat thinking about food... this time next week you will feel great if you get pasted this xx You are not going threw this alone ;) Good Luck and stay strong, you have done 5 days make it 6 :) then 7 ........
Thanks for all your advice, think it might be because I'm stuck in the house today but I have stayed strong. On a more positive note I have just realised I am on day 6 not 5 so every cloud and all that!
Well done libsmum ... :)
I'm day 3... 100% ... hungry today but tomorrows a new day .. I'm at home with 3 kiddies constantly cooking meals for the whole family.... It'll be worth it by weigh in on Monday :)
Keep up the good work x
keep going libsmum i know from last time i did this it does get easier and the hunger goes a lot of the time, keep busy and keep coming on here for support x

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