day 5 feeling ok


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hi all, well its day 5 for me now dunno if ketosis has kicked in yet or not dont think it has, have only had 1 headache this week and think that was tiredness, no taste in my mouth,

congrats to scots and every1 who had their weigh in this week such and insperation to us all

i finding it hard to drink water i think its because its so cold ;( so i'm drinking alot of coffee!! i dont like tea or green tea any other sugestions of tea i could drink?

here's to us all getting through the weekend ! its tough when weather is so bad i would normally occupy myself after work with horse riding but cant do anything with them in this weather,

didnt take wii fit out yet and of course i bought a vibro plate last time on lt, so think i'll start both tonight,

after seeing scots loss this week i snook on scales ! was 8 lb down so i thrilled really want to stick with it get over weekend hopefully i will be another couple of pound gone!

hope every1 well today
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Hi Nicolas, Wow 8lb loss so far. I'm also on day 5 and had to try really hard not to get on the scales today, would be well chuffed if I lose 8lb this week. I also did this last year and over christmas I have gained 14lb , it is so easily done. The main thing is trying now to get it off.

Re ketosis you can buy Ketostix from the pharmacy, they are urine sticks that show you if you a in ketosis , my logic is if I can't eat then i'll look at my wee to keep me motivated that it is working :).

I did struggle yesterday with tryingto drink my water.

Good Luck over the weekend, that is the main time I struggle. So roll on Monday.


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yep offical weigh in monday :) best of luck to you too :)

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Congratulations on your weight loss so far. I also struggle at weekends with the water mind you it seems even harder as its so cold so also drinking lots of black coffee to warm me up. I also get weighed on Monday so here's to a good loss. xx


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i'll drink to that raising my coffee as i type ! hope you have a good weekend too, ;) :)


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day 5 for me too... well done for current 8lb - you go girl !
Good luck for monday - maybe we should have a 'monday WI' thread !!


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yea thats a great idea!! what time do you wi monday? i weigh at 9am ;)


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i weigh in on monday too - am but not sure exactly what time - glad its going well for you too x


on the up lol
well done for getting this far :) keep up the good work


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Hasnt it gone quickly though Nicola? Day 5, and almost one week done and dusted! I am amazed at how quick time flies whilst on LT I really am!! Maybe it is because we try and do other activities, that we dont normally do, as we are slobbing about minute it is 9am, the next it is 4pm! WONDERFUL!! Means sooner to get to goal.

8lbs - wawehhh.......will you get weighed at the pharmacy? If so, are their scales the same as yours. Funny, I dont weigh myself at all during the week, because the anticipation of one weigh in a week is a little goal for me and it keeps me going..just another one of my mad things to get me through. I have hidden my scales under the bed and cant be bothered getting them out to have a peep...

Have you tried peppermint tea? I used to hate it as I had it when I was younger when I had gallstones, but last time when I was on LT, I did enjoy it. Even when it goes cold it is ok to drink, so it might help you get the water down. Also, make up your shakes with more water too and then you will be upping your intake.

I find it I fill up a 1.5 ltr bottle and keep it at my side in the office then it isnt so cold and it is easier to go down. I think it is harder to drink when it is freezing cold, but try and let it get to room temperature and then it is a bit easier.

I still think water is the best, even over tea and is just so pure and well, nothing in it! Keep trying to get it down you as I am sure it maximizes your losses! Well, that is what I think anyway.

Will be waiting for you and Theresa's post on Monday :)


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WOW!!! 8lbs already?? well done!!!

I quite like peppermint tea! you could give that ago with a sweetener in it?